August 6th (Friday)
  • CRPropa:
    • continued trying to plot skymap
August 5th (Thursday)
  • Meeting with Qi to learn more about DQMs and talk about CRPropa
  • CRPropa:
    • small sphere observer
    • tried to plot skymap
August 4th (Wednesday)
  • Run stage 6 for RX J0648.7+1516
August 3rd (Tuesday) August 2nd (Monday)
  • Made a multi-messenger astronomy cartoon
July 30th (Friday)
  • run stage 6 for RGB J0710 again, one run for alpha = 0.01
  • read about superluminal motion
July 29th (Thursday)
  • Organized runlist for 1ES 1727 and run download
July 28th (Wednesday)
  • SRI poster session
July 27th (Tuesday)
  • Practiced for SRI poster session
July 26th (Monday)
  • Made some slides for group meeting
  • Run stage 6 for RGB J0710 again, deleting one run
July 23th (Friday)
  • Worked on poster, final touches
July 22th (Thursday)
  • Worked on poster:
    • made some cartoons
    • worked on methods, results, conclusion
July 21th (Wednesday)
  • Used Qi's jupyter notebook to generate SEDs with veritas and fermi-lat analysis
  • Worked on poster:
    • wrote introduction, hypothesis
July 20th (Tuesday)
  • Added 1ES 0229+200 VEGAS analysis to wiki
  • Rerun analysis for MS 1221
July 19th (Monday)
  • RGB J0710: check if stage 6 finished
    • run again with star exclusion = 7
  • light curve for 1ES 0229
  • Finish slides with readings
July 16th (Friday)
  • Run stage 6 for MS 1221 (again, because had to unable zenith correction)
  • Run stage 6 for 1ES 0229 (again, changing star exclusion magnitude to 8 because of 3 stars)
  • Run stages 1-5 for RGB J0710
July 15th (Thursday)
  • Attended Amy Furniss talk
  • Run stage 6 for MS 1221
  • Run stage 6 for 1ES 0229 (again, using Li&Ma calculation)
July 14th (Wednesday)
  • Meeting with Reshmi, Qi, Colin, and Gwen about SRI poster
  • Run stage 6 for 1ES 0229 (again, changing star exclusion magnitude to 7 because of star Ari 26)
July 13th (Tuesday)
  • Run stage 6 for 1ES 0229
  • Download and run stages 1-5 for MS 1221
  • Prepared files for RGB J0710 VEGAS analysis
July 12th (Monday)
  • Set up jupyter notebook with python 2.7 kernel to run CRPropa
  • Run some CRPropa example notebooks
July 9th (Friday)
  • Installed CRPropa!
  • Set up jupyter notebooks with gammapy env
July 8th (Thursday)
  • Attended Sara Buson talk (Barnard Astroparticle Colloquium Series)
  • Meeting with Prof. Mukherjee, Qi, and Colin to decide plans fro SRI poster:
  • Made spreadsheet with number of runs to each source to decide which I'll analyze this summer
July 7th (Wednesday)
  • Started looking into Barnard poster session
  • Read "A unifying view of the spectral energy distributions of blazars"
July 6th (Tuesday)
  • Slides for the gp meeting
  • Had to re-run 1ES0229 stages 1-5:
    • wrote a python script to remove all 3-telescope runs and the RHV runs
July 2nd (Friday)
  • Attempted to install crpropa --> many issues and couldn't figure out
July 1st (Thursday)
  • Attended Reina Maruyama talk
  • Meeting with Elisa and Qi
  • Read about Extragalactic magnetic fields
June 30th (Wednesday)
  • Read paper about the first detection of 3C 279 at VHE
  • Read about Extragalactic background light

June 28th (Tuesday)

  • Attended talk about RARAF
  • Read "Systematic physical characterization of the gamma-ray spectra of 2FHL blazars"
  • Continued the troubleshooting for 1ES0229
    • download for lines 147-154 worked separately
    • submitted jobs to condor
June 28th (Monday)
  • Prepared some slides for the group meeting
  • Had some troubles with download of 1ES0229 (many sources took the whole weekend and failed) and reached out to Colin and Deivid:
    • run without the lines 147-154 --> worked, submitted the jobs
June 25th (Thursday)
  • Read "Cut-off Characterization of Energy Spectra of Bright Fermi Sources: Current instrument limits and future possibilities":
    • They analyzed 3 sources: 3C 454.4, 3C 279, and the Vela pulsar
  • Started download of 1ES0229
June 24th (Thursday)
  • Attended VERITAS collaboration meeting
  • Attended the talk "Hunting for ghost particles at the South Pole"
June 23th (Wednesday)
  • Attended VERITAS collaboration meeting
  • Organized runlist and timeCuts for 1ES0229 --> wrote a python script to make it faster (+400 runs) and sent to Qi so he could crosscheck
June 22th (Tuesday)
  • Attended VERITAS collaboration meeting
  • Attended Henrike Fleischhack's talk about HAWC Water Tanks
  • Talked with Qi:
    • start by doing an analysis on 1ES0229
  • Started writing about the scientific motivation
June 21th (Monday)
  • Attended VERITAS collaboration meeting
  • Undergraduates meeting with prof. Mukherjee
  • Some edits to Sonal's proceeding do ICRC
  • Talked with Qi over Slack about some VEGAS analysis for blazars
June 17th (Thursday)
  • Ari's Thesis presentation
  • Read more about FSRQs
  • Prof. David Savin's talk about astrochemistry
June 15th (Tuesday)
  • Completed the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training
  • Read Sonal's Overleaf document
June 14th (Monday)
  • Search more about the fours sources (when they were discovered, distance, location in the sky, etc.)
June 10th (Thursday)
  • Meeting with Manel and Patel
  • Attended the Introduction to the Barnard Summer Colloquium Series
  • Read about VEGAS (especially about upper limits )
June 9th (Wednesday)
  • Run Stage 6 analysis again for the fours sources because I had to set UL_PhotonIndex = -3.5 and UL_DifferentialEnergy = 0
  • Added results to wiki page
  • Talked with Colin through Slack
June 8th (Tuesday)
  • Run Stage 6 analysis again for two sources (GB6 J0043, S3 0218) with different parameters (UL_PhotonIndex and UL_DifferentialEnergy)
  • Read articles sent by Manel about TeV emission from quasars
June 7th (Monday)
  • Run Stage 6 analysis again for two sources (GB6 J0043, S3 0218) with different parameters (UL_PhotonIndex and UL_DifferentialEnergy)
  • Read Ari's thesis (initial chapters)
June 3rd (Thursday)
  • Meeting with Manel and Sonal
  • Add FSRQs results to twiki
June 2nd (Wednesday)
  • Read "Observing the Energetic Universe at Very High Energies with the VERITAS Gamma Ray Observatory"
June 1st (Tuesday)
  • Rerun stage6 for 3C 454.3 with Ma & Li calculation
  • Started Barnard Responsible conduct of research (RCR) training
  • Prepared slides for Thursday meeting with Manel and Sonal
May 28th (Friday)
  • Run Stage 6 for PKS 0736
  • Run Stage 6 for 3C 454.3
May 27th (Thursday)
  • Started analysis for 3C 454.3
  • Submitted jobs for condor
May 26th (Wednesday)
  • Run Stage 6 for GB6 J0043
  • Meeting with Colin: setted up Jupyter notebooks and looked at plotting code
  • Started analysis for PKS 0736
May 25th (Tuesday)
  • Tried to figure out why S30218 Stage 6 did not finish after more than 15hrs (talked with Colin through Slack)
May 24th (Monday)
  • Started run for S30218 stage 6
May 21th (Friday)
  • Tried to run stage 6 for S3 0218 and GB6 J0043+3426, but had some problems
    • talked with Colin and Deivid through Slack and got some help
May 20th (Thursday)
  • Continued GB6 J0043+3426 VEGAS analysis
  • Started S3 0218 VEGAS analysis
May 19th (Wednesday)
  • Continue writing VEGAS tutorial (stage 6)
  • Started GB6 J0043+3426 VEGAS analysis
    • T1 warning: missing telescope 1 data taking during observation
May 18th (Tuesday)
  • Failures in the Crab run --> permissions problem in 75245
  • Meeting with Colin and Deivid --> run Stage 6
May 17th (Monday)
  • Started to write VEGAS tutorial
  • Talked with Deivid and Colin through Slack:
    • discovered one of the jobs submitted Friday failed
    • resubmitted the job

May 14th (Friday)

  • Meeting with Colin and Deivid to get started with VEGAS analysis:
    • started to run Crab analysis
-- Massimo Capasso - 2021-05-25


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