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July 23th (Friday)
  • Worked on poster, final touches
July 22th (Thursday)
  • Worked on poster:
    • made some cartoons
    • worked on methods, results, conclusion
July 21th (Wednesday)
  • Used Qi's jupyter notebook to generate SEDs with veritas and fermi-lat analysis
  • Worked on poster:
    • wrote introduction, hypothesis
July 20th (Tuesday)
  • Added 1ES 0229+200 VEGAS analysis to wiki
  • Rerun analysis for MS 1221
July 19th (Monday)
  • RGB J0710: check if stage 6 finished
    • run again with star exclusion = 7
  • light curve for 1ES 0229
  • Finish slides with readings
 July 16th (Friday)
  • Run stage 6 for MS 1221 (again, because had to unable zenith correction)
  • Run stage 6 for 1ES 0229 (again, changing star exclusion magnitude to 8 because of 3 stars)
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