Research Journal for Kayla

August 5:


August 4:

  • ran another 50 events from run 328867

  • finalized final presentation, made some final edits

  • got some clarification on dropped packets in camera images - the problem is in the data acquisition process

August 3:

  • met with Massimo to discuss presentation edits

  • edited and redrafted presentation

  • reviewed some silicon photomultipliers readings in preparation for Wednesday

July 31:

  • downloaded and looked through all 457 camera images from run 328555

  • ran the list of events from run 328867 with more than 5 splits - most of these events have a much lower baseline pixel brightness than events from run 328555
    • events 100001, 100018, and 100044 stand out - they have a much higher baseline pixel brightness than the rest of the events from run 328867, as well as a bright patch in two lower left modules

  • worked on draft of final status update/presentation

July 30:

  • attended Kaitlyn Kratter summer colloquium

  • ran every tenth event in run 328555 - total of 457 camera images to look through
    • haven't encountered any new trends or phenomena than those in the first 100

  • resolved some issues with jupyter - switched from python 2 to python 3

July 29:

  • started looking at ways to run multiple events at once in the SCT_camera_plot script

  • started drafting final presentation/status update

  • read article for journal club

July 28:

  • attended Chris Tenzer summer colloquium

  • ran another 50 events through the camera image script, looked through all camera images
    • pretty much all images follow the same trends as the first 50

  • event 262378 has a pretty uniform background, with one very bright pixel ~360 photoelectrons

July 27:

  • generated and looked through the first 50 camera images from Qi's list of events in run 328555

  • vast majority of these events seem to be noise

  • a couple of interesting things:
    • in two of the events, half of every module is dead - unsure what's going on there
    • one of the events is not noise - event 261831

July 24:

  • got running

  • generated 12 camera images from the events Milutin looked at last week
    • most camera images look like noise events - will clarify in Monday meeting with Massimo

July 22:

  • attended some VERITAS Collaboration meeting sessions

  • started working with analysis scripts from Brent's manual

July 21:

  • attended some VERITAS Collaboration meeting sessions

  • attended Jodi Christiansen summer colloquium on the dusty universe

  • got Brent's test code snippet running

July 20:

  • connected cobalt to Jupyter - was able to run some code on Jupyter

  • met with Massimo - resolved several problems with port numbers

  • confirmed that Brent's environment is functioning

  • now working on running Brent's code snippet from the installation manual

July 15-16:

  • completed SVN checkout - somehow I ended up with the wrong username in a config file, once I corrected that, I was able to download the camera analysis software from CTA SVN

  • attended camera call

  • attended Fritz Paerels summer colloquium

July 14:

  • attended some VERITAS Collaboration sessions

  • attended Massimo's summer colloquium

  • tried copying Colin's pSCT analysis software - having issues with creating a shortcut to log into cobalt

July 13:

  • In contact with Cecile Barbier to figure out SVN access issues
    • Unable to connect to repository - unclear why

  • Getting a “permission denied” message in jupyter for some code that was working fine last week

  • Continuing work with time voltage plots
    • Restructuring my file system with csvs
    • Eliminates some awkward code

July 9:

  • attended Naoko Kurahashi Neilson summer colloquium

  • talked with Massimo about SVN access issues - it seems that my SVN public key does not match the one that appears in my confirmation email
    • I need to contact Cécile Barbier for help with this

  • journal club on shock

July 8:

  • anti-racism reading group

  • continued watching consortium meeting talks

  • still having issue with SVN checkout

July 7:

  • attended Elisabetta Bissaldi summer colloquium

  • went to pSCT analysis meeting

  • used pSCT software installation manual to enable python 3

  • currently having issues with SVN checkout - unable to connect to repository

July 6:

  • watched Brent's pSCT analysis CTA consortium meeting talk

  • got SVN access
    • resolved some issues installing Anaconda on the cobalt server

  • working on learning pandas
    • figuring out how to split a dataframe by column value

July 2:

  • attended Daniel Kabat summer colloquium

  • met with Massimo to work on getting SVN access through CTA and plotting csvs

  • ran journal club

July 1:

  • anti-racism journal club

  • extracted the csv files from Massimo's file of csvs and pngs

  • began watching CTAO talks

June 30:

  • created person profile for Milutin on the VERITAS website

  • attended John Parsons summer colloquium

  • CTA account was confirmed, now waiting for SVN access (requested to change SVN key)

  • set up MobaXterm a second time, seems to be working now

June 29:

  • began pSCT Data Analysis Installation Manual
    • need SVN access from CTA - I created a CTA account, waiting for account approval

  • continued background readings

June 25:

  • attended Marcos Santander Summer Colloquium

  • completed Massimo's tutorial - found waveform minimum and time of minimum

  • talked with Massimo to discuss next steps: select all traces for 001LED, plot all traces, then build a histogram of of minimum amplitude and time of minimum amplitude

June 24:

  • gave silicon photomultipliers presentation

  • attended APS webinar

  • continued background python readings

June 23:

  • went to Zsuzsa Marka Summer Colloquium

  • continued readings from Jupyter tutorial

  • finalized silicon photomultipliers slides

June 22:

  • explored Jupyter Notebook, began Scipy and Numpy tutorials

  • continued readings on silicon photomultipliers

June 18:

  • went through tutorial in MobaXterm with Massimo - encountered an issue with the CygUtils plugin - Moba says I need it and don't have it (I've downloaded it repeatedly, I know it's in the right folder, I'm not quite sure what's going on)

  • started getting familiar with file navigation in Moba

June 16-17:

  • reviewed silicon photomultipliers slides with Massimo - discussed presentation outline, dark events, avalanche photodiodes, photon detection efficiency, breakdown voltage, overvoltage

  • went to Reshmi's Summer Colloquium talk

  • continued readings

June 15:

  • Finished silicon photomultipliers slides

  • Continued thesis readings - Development of a NUV Camera for Cherenkov Telescope Applications (Massimo’s thesis)

  • Began sorting through readings and resources for Anti-racism Reading Group

June 10:

  • 9:00: read Introduction to silicon photomultipliers Structure and Operation

  • 1:00-2:30: talked with Massimo about p/n junctions, photoelectric effect, GM-APGs

    • Started prep for silicon photomultipliers presentation

  • Continued thesis readings

June 9:

  • 9:00-10:00: continued Unix tutorial, started exploring GNU nano

  • 10:00-10:30: met with Mukherjee to discuss silicon photomultipliers

  • 11:00-1:00, 1:45-3:00: read Miles Winter thesis

June 8

  • Continued Unix tutorial

  • Continued reading theses

  • Downloaded MobaXterm (free server - tabbed ssh terminal for Windows), explored the Demo

June 1-3:

  • Read/reviewed Peter Cogan thesis: Nanosecond Sampling of Atmospheric Cherenkov Radiation Applied to TeV Gamma-ray Observations of Blazars with VERITAS

  • Began reading Miles Winter thesis: Characterizing the Charge Spectrum of the CTA pSCT

  • Completed Vim tutorial (

  • Began working on Unix tutorial

-- Kayla Docher - 2020-06-08


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