Group Minutes

Date & Time Monday June 28 4pm
  • Deivid R.
  • Massimo C.
  • Reshmi M.
  • Brian H.
  • Qi F.
  • Colin A.
  • Laurel C.
  • Daniela H.Y.
  • Miles G.
  • Jamil B.
  • Jooyun W.


  • Students updates
  • Marcel Grossman Meeting 16 - VERITAS GRB Talk
  • Optics
  • AOB


GRB Name Weight Swift LAT INTEGRAL Data dark Data RHV Data filler First Run Number
150120A 1.399356e-04 True False False 130.0 NaN NaN 76029
150323A 5.515271e-05 True False False 172.0 NaN NaN 76991
150423A 6.459643e-04 True False False 172.0 NaN NaN 77423
160509A 3.007947e-08 False True False 120.0 NaN NaN 82005
170428A 3.742031e-05 True False False 60.0 NaN 47.0 85976
170519A 1.482390e-05 True False False 158.0 NaN NaN 86207
190114C 3.193053e-06 True True False NaN 157.0 NaN 91872
201216C 1.270436e-08 True False False 60.0 NaN NaN 97164
  • Jamil
    • Worked with gammapy tutorials. Did HESS survey map. Is map telescope pointing, or event counts?
    • Can check this HESS map for plotting different scale (linear vs log)
    • Use the 4 pointing files from gammapy to simulate the Crab.
    • Massimo will reach out to gammapy contact to get more pointing files.
  • Daniela
    • Worked on Blazars slides for presentation.
    • Will work on GeV-TeV cutoff. Has a spreadsheet for runs to analyze and has begun downloading.
    • Qi gave some feedback on slides.
    • Qi and Elisa will pick one priority source for Daniela to work on. Next call with Elisa next week.
  • Laurel
    • Working on testing the GUI. Tested power supply.
    • Might need a different connection for library to communicate with power supply.
  • Marcel Grossman Meeting Practice Talk
    • 9am Thursday July 1.
  • Talks every two weeks
  • Optics work
    • Finish S1 alignment
    • MPES debugging and alignment to constrain panel motion (by freezing Rx, Ry and Tz motions)
    • P2 and S2 first order correction to be measured
  • SPIE proceeding - technical (Camera), observation (Mkr421) and optics(?). "Technical and Scientific Performance of the pSCT".
  • ICRC
    • Author list to be compiled in format for submission(Thanks Reshmi!)
  • Tehanu cluster
    • Need to estimate RAM needed for VEGAS jobs. Email Alisha Chromey + Jodi Christianson for advice.
-- Deivid Ribeiro - 2021-06-28


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