Research Journal: Jamil Batshoun

CTA simulations with gammapy

June 7, 2021 (Meeting Massimo, Jamil)

  1. Introduction to project
  2. To-do list
    2. Read overview carefully
    3. Installation: no need to worry about it, we have shared tools on the nevis cluster
      1. log into the nevis cluster
      2. module load gammapy/0.18
      3. gammapy_start
    4. download tutorial datasets (gammapy download tutorials --release 0.18.2 , export GAMMAPY_DATA=<>)
    5. go through tutorials
  3. Weekly meeting with Massimo: Thursdays, 11 AM

-- Massimo Capasso - 2021-06-07

June 8, 2021

  1. Read through gammapy and cta explanation of IRFs
  2. Read gammapy overview
June 9, 2021
  1. What was done today:
    1. Added gammapy resources to .myprofile file
    2. started working on gammapy tutorials
      1. code to start tutorials:
        1. ssh -L 9888:localhost:9888

        2. module load gammapy/0.18
        3. gammapy_start
        4. jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=9888
        5. copy & paste resulting link to chrome and use jupyter notebook normally
      2. COMPLETED: 1st gammapy tutorial analysis_1.ipynb
  2. Things left to do:
    1. create a .myprofile and copy contents of .profile into it.
    2. Remove gammapy line in .profile so that it is the same as when I first started (This might be unnecessary).
  3. Notes:
    1. Useful commands
      1. To check where the "juypter notebook" command is being used from (i.e. gammapy vs python): which jupyter-notebook
    2. Made an error when executing "export $GAMMAPY_DATA". executed in jbatshoun directory and not datasets directory. Noticed in tutorial what should have been the real path and made corrections.
June 9, 2021
  1. What was done today:
  2. Things Left to do:
  3. Notes:
    1. aa5351-06: Is the IRF a good measure of telescope performance? what about the psf?

June 16, 2021

  1. What was done today:
    1. read about fits, found the standard paper for fits
    2. read about the icrs, dec, and ra
    3. looked for a formal definition of the dl3-dr1 data from hess. did not find much info about what a data level is
    4. ran into same issue with the path associated with the GAMMAPY_DATA environment variable
      1. I fixed this by adding a line to my .profile on the nevis computers. I don't see this becoming a problem again.
    5. completed tutorial 2
  2. What is left to do:
    1. Read up on background modeling.
    2. Understand what the classes of gammapy do
    3. get a better understanding of how the analysis (both high level and lower level gammapy api)

-- Jamil Batshoun - 2021-06-09


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