31 July 2020
  • complete PKS1424 3-day LC, index vs flux, TS vs time, flux histogram
  • edit 1ES1218 3-day LC, index vs flux, TS vs time, flux histogram with ts > .1
  • work on the presentation for Wednesday
30 July 2020
  • continue with PKS1424 3-day LC
  • 3:00 Meeting with Ari & Adam
  • 4:00 Journal Club
29 July 2020
  • begin PKS1424 3-day LC
  • try again with base analysis for 1ES2344
  • 1:00 Anti-Racism Group meeting - action plan - last meeting
  • 2:00 Group Meeting
28 July 2020
  • Flux histograms for all sources with LC
  • complete 1ES1011 3-day LC
  • begin 1ES1959 monthly LC
  • re-run base analysis on 1ES2344 -failed
27 July 2020
  • 12:00 "Dark Matter and How Not to Find It”, Prof. James Buckley
  • 1:00 Meeting with Ari & Adam
  • Index vs Flux plots for all sources with LCs
  • 3:00 Group Meeting
24 July 2020
  • Present for SP2 remote research
  • Give advice to Adam on details of running light curve analysis
  • begin 1ES1218 and 1ES1011 3-day LCs
  • Add suggestions to Adam's research plan
23 July 2020
  • Index vs Flux plots
  • 3:00 Meeting with Ari & Adam
  • 4:00 Journal Club
22 July 2020
  • 1:00 Anti-Racism reading group: Physics department town hall meeting & What is the plan for including Tamir Rice in #STEM?
    • next week action items
  • 2:00 Group Meeting
21 July 2020
  • Complete 1ES1011 monthly LC
  • Complete 1ES0033 monthly LC
  • 1:00 Radio Galaxies and their Powerful Jets - Prof. Jodi Christiansen
  • 2:00 SP2 remote research talks
  • 3:00 Meeting with Ari, Qi, Reshmi, Adam
    • present slides on FermiPy Analysis Tips
17 July 2020
  • Reran base analysis on PKS 1424 and 1ES 0033
  • Begin working on slides for FermiPy Analysis Tips for Adam
16 July 2020
  • 9:30 - Meeting with Reshmi, Adam, Qi
    • goal: make rest of LCs for list of sources
    • get RA&DEC and GLON&GLAT info for all sources
    • record parameters for all sources
  • 10:00 VCM - Extended Operations Instrument Upgrade Presentations
  • Run 1ES1011+496 monthly LC
  • 3:00 Meeting with Ari
15 July 2020
  • 1ES1218+304 Monthly LC finished - send to Ari & Adam
  • Begin running 1ES1218+304 3-day binned LC
  • Readings for anti-racism group
14 July 2020
  • Rerun base analysis on 1ES 1011+496, 1ES 1959+650 & PKS 1424+240 (to get output files)
  • new parameters for 1ES 1011+496
    • min ts: 150, roi: 4.0
    • rerun base analysis
13 July 2020
  • VERITAS collaboration meeting
  • finish base analysis on 1ES1218+304 & 1ES 1011+496
  • begin base analysis on 1ES 1011+496, 1ES 1959+650 & PKS 1424+240
  • Group meeting
    • check return log for 1ES 1011+496 - Return: 0, fit quality: 3
10 July 2020
  • begin running FermiPy base analyses on: 1ES1218+304 & 1ES 1011+496
  • make slides updating on 1ES1215+303 LC
9 July 2020
  • 9 am: GeV -TeV call with Reshmi, Qi, Adam
    • sanity check: compare 1ES1213 LC to paper, look for 2013 flare, plot on top of eachother
    • Next week: VERITAS Meeting
    • convert MET to MJD
  • finish LC comparison plots for 3day and monthly bins
  • Meet with Ari - discuss LC
  • Journal Club - shock
8 July 2020
  • 1 pm: Anti-Racism reading group.
    • Next time: What is the plan for including Tamir Rice in #STEM? (Chanda Precod-Weinstein) & review the APS meeting and department town hall.
  • 2 pm: WUSTL Astrophysics Research Talk: "Active galactic nuclei, with an introduction to analyzing astrophysical catalogs using Python”, by Prof. Manel Errando

7 July 2020

  • Begin 3-day LC analysis in Jupyter Notebook
  • 1 pm: Summer 2020 Colloquium Talk: "Record-breaking Gamma-Ray burst observations."
  • Prepare slides for the Anti-Racism reading group.

6 July 2020

2 July 2020

  • 1 pm: Summer 2020 Colloquium Series: "What is a Black Hole?" - Dan Kabat
  • 3 pm: Meeting with Ari: Adam, Reshmi & Qi joined
  • 4 pm: Journal Club led by Kayla

1 July 2020

  • plotting "Hardness Plot": flux vs index in Jupyter Notebook
  • Anti-Racism Reading Group
  • Group Meeting

30 June 2020

  • plotting LC: time vs flux
  • Begin reading for Journal Club: The TeV gamma-ray luminosity of the Milky-Way and the contribution of H.E.S.S. unresolved sources to VHE diffuse emission
  • prepare for the Anti-Racism reading group on Wed.

29 June 2020

  • 2:00 pm - SP2 Faculty Workshop, "Black Holes and Space" - Reshmi Mukherjee
  • 3:00 pm - Group meeting: updates on 1ES1215, reminder for Anti-Racism reading group.
    • add Adam & Milutin to slack & share documents

26 June 2020

  • Trying to figure out how to access the LC output file
  • Physics Department Town Hall

25 June 2020

  • Meeting with Ari
  • Set up conda environment: instructions in the email from Ari
  • Access LC file in Jupyter Notebook from FermiPy tutorial
  • Leading Journal Club: Modeling the Emission Processes in Blazars (Boettcher, 2006)

24 June 2020

  • Missed group meeting - still feeling sick
  • 2:00 pm APS Webinar
  • Lightcurve from 1ES1215+303 monthly bins: done

23 June 2020

  • Run lightcurve sections simultaneously in nohup:

    • nohup python $FERMIPIPE/run_analysis.py $FERMI_ANALYSIS_DIR/pipeline_config.yml --lightcurve --section 0 > nohup_section0.txt &
  • 1:00 "From Instrumentation to Astrophysics: a Personal Journey in International Collaborative Science" -Dr. Zsuzsanna Marka
  • Ran out of space in milne directory: move analysis to tehanu.
    • data partition: /a/data/tehanu
    • update FERMI_ANALYSIS_DIR in .myprofile to new dir location. source .myprofile

18 June 2020

  • 3:00 pm meeting with Ari

    • Present base analysis plots from 1ES 1215+303, the residual map looks way better than 1ES 2344+514
  • 4:00 pm Journal Club
    • I am leading the next meeting, begin searching for a journal.

17 June 2020

  • Investigate flares in ROI: no chance of solar flare (thanks to Deivid)
  • Group meeting: present progress on 1ES2344+514 analysis: moving on to another source, away from the galactic plane
    • 1ES 1215+303, begin base analysis

16 June 2020

  • 1:00 pm "Exploring the Energetic Universe with Gamma-ray Observatories" - Summer 2020 colloquium
  • Split time analyses finished: overall analysis is better, rules out transient event, shows that analysis is worse for larger time range: issue with diffuse models.

15 June 2020

  • Split time range: check for transient disturbance by analyzing the first vs second half of the time range.

    • Original: tmin: 239557418, tmax: 607392005
    • First half: tmin: 239557418 tmax: 423474711
    • Second half: tmin: 423474711 tmax: 607392005
  • Meeting with Ari: next steps with analysis
  • Group Meeting: present plots from analysis experiments

12 June 2020

Experiments on analysis:

  1. Don't delete any sources. You can do this by commenting out the options under delete_sources and add an empty list so it just says delete_sources: [].
  2. Free everything by setting the minmax_ts min ts value to 0 and the distance to something large (I think anything larger than 20 will do).
  3. Fix everything (i.e. free_sources: [] .
  4. Play around with changing the distance parameter instead of or in addition to the min ts.

11 June 2020

9:30 Call with Reshmi

  • Run a complete lightcurve: time bin TBD

    • Goal: Next Thursday
  • Prepare slides for next Wednesday: general: slide 1: fermi, blazars

    • Gamma-ray flux distribution of blazars, variability, light curves, inspo. from the stochastic process paper

2:00 Call with Ari

  • Review output files from the updated pipeline config file. Looks pretty similar. Spike in residual map sigma histogram is still there even after the TS cut. The histogram is more centered and smoother though.

    • Spike indicates that there are some parts of the analysis that are not converging.
  • Apply a more extreme TS cut: >1000 and re-run the analysis
  • ls -hlt == check on when files were last updated

9 June 2020

  • Rerun FermiPy analysis with the new config file: update TS parameters

    • TS min: 25 to 100
  • Read paper: Characterizing the Gamma-Ray Variability of the Brightest Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars Observed with the Fermi-LAT
  • Write Shut Down Stem meeting agenda with Colin & prepare for the meeting

8 June 2020

  • Finish slides

  • 1:00 Call with Ari
  • Discuss FermiPy analysis outputs

  • 2:00 Group Meeting
    • ShutDownStem and Particles for Justice: Wednesday - use this time to meet and discuss anti-racism in our group
    • Community code of conduct - inspired by Astropy
    • Sharing education resources. We must have the uncomfortable conversations and make an ongoing effort of anti-racism within our group and other institutions we occupy.
    • Working with Colin and Deivid on organizing the meeting Wed. and the plan going forward.

4:15 Call with Ari

  • eog : use to open all output graphs in 1ES2344

    Issues: Residual maps have negative excess blob (blue) which indicates that we need to tweak the sources in the analysis
    • Possible solution: increase TSmin from 25 to 100, extended sources might be an issue (not a point source, fermipy could get confused with that data)
    • TS edits are in hard code

5 June 2020

  • Check on analysis from yesterday: failed

    • "CFITSIO ERROR 107: tried to move past end of file"
    • fermipy.log has same output as nohup.out
    • Solution: time range begins too early: change tmin=234316801 to tmin>=239557417.494176 in config file
    • Delete all old output files (avoid corruption): rm -r 1ES2344
  • Begin slides for on the distribution of fluxes of gamma-ray blazars: hints for a stochastic process?

    • Define deterministic vs stochastic. Unpack the SDE. Explain analysis and conclusions made.

4 June 2020

9am meeting with Reshmi and Elisa

  • Default (monthly) bins on light curves. Then do 3 day bins.

  • Date range: Fermi mission start date April 2020

  • April 2020 - stochastic processes paper: plots of dN/df are interesting analyses on six of the strongest quasars. Try to run these plots for these fermi sources. Run their analysis, apply modeling.

    • Try to extend the plots to include both fermi and veritas flux.

    • Integrated flux, independent of time. Flux in bins. Counts per bin. One step further > dn/df plots

  • Next week’s goal: ramp up on fermi analysis. Fermi light curve one first source: flux distribution, dn/df plot. Geibles 2004 paper.

  • Flux vs time plot: how to convert into a fits file > Terek could know.

  • Slides for paper: data used, analysis used, conclusions made.

Start time: 234316801.000 (MET) = 2008Jun05

End Time: 607392005.000 (MET) = 2020Apr01

Configuring analysis:

The original prefix is "3C279" which is for the quasar. So if I am doing analysis on 1ES 2344+514 the prefix should be "1ES2344"

3 June 2020


  • Reviewing Unix/Linux tutorials > continuing working on familiarizing within tehanu

  • Following FermiPy configuration steps

    • Question: how do you determine the start/stop time of the analysis?

      • Asked Ari > we will ask in group meeting

      • I assume there is a time range picked for the GeV -TeV project

  • Writing short bullet points for my research interests. I sent them to Kayla for the website.

  • Using 4FGLto match the source names with the 4FGL names

    • I need either the name or the coordinates for the config file.

    • Question: If I cannot find the 4FGL name (from TeVCat), does that mean that it is not in the catalog?

2 June 2020

12:45 Meeting with Reshmi and Ari


  • Completing source names from TeVCat

  • Reviewing FermiPy Tutorial and familiarizing more with working in MobaXterm / tehanu

1 June 2020:

10:30 - 11:00 Orientation meeting with Reshmi

  • Primary contacts: Ari, Qi, Reshmi

  • FermiPy analysis of BLacs - SEDs and light curves

    • Potentially publish light curves

  • Schedule weekly meetings with Ari & Qi added to the 2 group meetings.

    • Group: Mon & Wed @ 2

    • Ari: Thurs @ 2

11:00 - 2:00

  • Reading and annotating article: “On the distribution of fluxes of gamma-ray blazars: hints for a stochastic process” - in OneNote drive

  • Logging back into Slack, Nevis Twiki, tehanu (on MobaXterm)

    • Still need access to the VERITAS site

2:00 - 3:00 Group Meeting Notes:

  • FermiPy Tutorial moved to 4pm

  • Potential summer colloquium for physics & astro researchers at Barnard & Columbia

  • Summer Research Journal

    • On Nevis Twiki

    • Track progress and analysis for undergrads

  • VERITAS site is up!

    • Need to write a short bio for the ‘People’ section.

      • Site says La Plante - suggest fix

4:00 - 5:00 FermiPy tutorial - Ari

  • Notes taken in my notebook

  • The session is recorded for future reference

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