Research Journal: Adam Oppenheimer

Thursday, July 16th

  • Modified, expanded, and finalized the txt file that was produced for the flare data of Ton 599
    • Added notes at the top including the many conversions required for the data, the original form of the data, and the wavelength bands that the data was collected in.
  • Began to look into the Scipy.optimize module in preparation for writing a method to map exponential profiles to a flare

Wednesday, July 15th

  • Created a txt file for all of the information collected about the Dec 2017 Flare of Ton 599
    • Includes observatory, observed time(if applicable), freq, energy, spectral density
  • Exported this txt file and sent it around, in addition to completing SEDs for Ton 599 containing both archival and flared data

Tuesday, July 14th

  • Converted the Jansky values and Magnitude values to Spectral Energy Density
  • Took the SED values in the Fermi range from Figure 6 in the paper and plotted it on the SED for Ton 599
    • This finished up the SED for Ton 599 during the flare for now (the flared points and archival data are both plotted on the same graph
  • Set the prior p0 for the Bayesian Blocks model equal to a standard p0 representing 2 sigma (p0=.05)
  • Used the Bayesian Blocks method on Gwen's monthly light curve for 1ES 1218+304

Monday, July 13th

  • Collected energy + spectral density information from the Prince 2018 to upload it into a jupyter notebook
    • was able to plot about 3/4 of the data points (will work tomorrow on fixing the last few points due to conversion issues.

Friday, July 10th

  • Used the 1ES 1215+303 light curve data from the Cutoff folder (both 30 and 3 day bins), plotted it, and used Bayesian Blocks on that data
  • Found the UVOT data associated with the flare for Ton 599 in Dec 2017 and downloaded all of the data in a folder filled with .img files.
  • Fixed the code associated with the first source of Janet's light curve data, and plotted Ari and Reshmi's data on the same plot to compare similarities and differences
    • The plots are nearly identical.
  • Wrote up a draft for the Rationale for the research plan

Thursday, July 9th

  • Took Gwen's 3 Day binned light curve data for 1ES 1215+303 and used the Bayesian Blocks method on it
  • Took Janet's light curve data for the source 3C 279 and used the Bayesian Blocks method on it
  • Created slides for the VERITAS Collaboration for next week about the Bayesian Blocks method and using it on the sources 3C 279 and 1ES 1215+303

Wednesday, July 8th

  • Finished the paper on multiwavelength analysis of Ton 599
  • Continued searching for the data from the flare that occurred in Dec, 2017

Tuesday, July 7th

  • Used the data from Ton599 that was imported into a jupyter notebook as a txt file and converted it into a spectral graph correlating the nuFnu to the energy in GeV
  • Tried to find data for the flare that occurred in Dec. 2017, but was unable to find it through the paper linked below or through the ASDC catalog itself
  • Read Parts 1 and 2 of the journal paper Multi-frequency Variability Study of Ton 599 during the High Activity of 2017

Monday, July 6th

  • Learned about and read into the ASDC SED Builder and how to work it
  • Created an SED for the source Ton599 over the entire timeframe of collected data and exported it as an ASCII file
  • Transferred this ASCII file to the Tehanu Server and opened it in a Jupyter Notebook
  • Tried to create a SED for Ton599 with a limited time frame around Dec, 2017(the time of a significant flare), but there was no data present in that timeframe

Friday, July 3rd

  • Restricted the data entries from 1ES1215+303 based on their Test Statistic values to increase the significance of the plot
    • Only entries with TS>=16 were kept
  • The Bayesian Blocks model was repeated on this restricted data graphing the flux relative to time
  • The flux histograms were redone(both normal and log version) using the restricted dataset
  • A plot was made plotting dN/dE relative to Pivot Energy

Thursday, July 2nd

  • Messed around with the p0 value on the graph indicated to determine a adequate value for the bayesian blocks
  • Created a few histograms of the flux values, both with the actual flux values and a logarithmic version
    • on a first glance, the data does not appear to be normally or lognormally distributed
  • Simplified the bayesian blocks presentation

Wednesday, July 1st

  • Took Gwen's light curve data on the source 1ES 1215+303 and imported it into a separate jupyter notebook
    • debugged the code/data to ensure that it would run/graph correctly
  • Modified Ari's code to create Bayesian Blocks in order to use it in conjunction with Gwen's data
    • The end product was a Bayesian Block model of Gwen's light curve

Tuesday, June 30th

  • Had a group meeting with Ari, Gwen, Reshmi, and Qi
    • Presented the presentation on Bayesian Blocks
    • Discussed the future path for research
      • Do Bayesian Block analysis of Gwen's source/numbers
      • eventually might do Bayesian Block analysis of other sources or do fermi analysis on some sources
  • Figured out how to open up Jupyter Notebook Files through the tehanu cluster
  • Copied Gwen's source files + code into my analysis folder
  • Began to play around with Bayesian Blocks in jupyter notebook

Monday, June 29th

  • Took a tutorial in TWiki to understand how to use and create topics/pages
  • Set up the research journal on TWiki
  • Created a powerpoint summarizing the idea of Bayesian Blocks: Findings come from Scargle et al.1998
    • Named Week 0 Update.pptx
  • Downloaded Linux kernel (MobaXterm)
  • Looked over ways to manipulate/move directories in Unix
  • Read Intro to FermiPy presentation by Ari
-- Adam Oppenheimer - 2020-06-29


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