May 2021 eLog


Author: Colin, Massimo

  • Acquired a number of cables to hookup to the adapter board and FPGA
    • Connections:
      • Three 5 V connections
        • Two on adapter board
        • One on FPGA
      • One 70 V connection on adapter board for SiPMs
    • Twisted all cables
    • All 5 V connections are emerging from same PSU, connected in parallel at the devices
    • 70 V connection is coming from the dual PSU hooked up in series as below
  • Next:
    • Program the SMART board with the FPGA via a connection from the FPGA to the adapter board
    • Hook up adapter board to scope, power the flasher, close the dark box, power SiPM(s), see some pulses


Author: Colin

  • Figuring out how to hook up the TTi CPX400DP power supply unit in series to get the 70 V we need
    • Specs are here, manual here
    • Seems like it really shouldn't be a big deal, just hook up like: