December 2020 eLog


Author: Colin

  • Now have got Network UPS Tools (NUT) working for UPS in the ctalab
    • This will shutdown the server automatically in the event of a power outage, and notify me, Bill, and Massimo
  • Brief summary of what was done:
    • Mostly followed directions from here:
      • sudo apt install nut
      • Add to files in /etc/nut/
        • ups.conf
          • [nevis-ctalab-ups]
            driver = snmp-ups
            port =
            community = public
        • upsd.users
          • [monups]
            password = acdc
            upsmon master
        • upsmon.conf
        • nut.conf (this addition was done later in the process, may have been the cause of failures [previously MODE=none])
          • MODE=standalone
      • Created file /home/bin/ and made it executable
      • did sudo cp /lib/udev/rules.d/62-nut-usbups.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/ and followed it with a reboot
      • /var/run/nut already existed, so did:
        • sudo chown root:nut /var/run/nut
        • sudo chmod 770 /var/run/nut
        • Not sure if either of these were necessary
      • [TESTING COMMANDS] The upsdrvctl stuff that was being used in the tutorial was having issues, so I just tried out what Bill shared which was:
        • sudo systemctl enable nut-server
          sudo systemctl enable nut-monitor
          sudo systemctl start nut-server
          sudo systemctl start nut-monitor
        • and then: sudo upsc nevis-ctalab-ups to see if it was working
      • The first time I ran the testing commands, there wasn't a whole lot of output, except with the start nut-monitor I got out:
        • Job for nut-monitor.service failed because the service did not take the steps required by its unit configuration.
          See "systemctl status nut-monitor.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.
      • So I ran systemctl status nut-monitor.service and it told me:
        • o nut-monitor.service - Network UPS Tools - power device monitor and shutdown controller
          Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/nut-monitor.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
          Active: failed (Result: protocol) since Tue 2020-12-29 16:12:07 EST; 10s ago
          Process: 2734 ExecStart=/sbin/upsmon (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
          Dec 29 16:12:07 ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower systemd[1]: Starting Network UPS Tools - power device monitor and shutdown controller...
          Dec 29 16:12:07 ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower upsmon[2734]: upsmon disabled, please adjust the configuration to your needs
          Dec 29 16:12:07 ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower upsmon[2734]: Then set MODE to a suitable value in /etc/nut/nut.conf to enable it
          Dec 29 16:12:07 ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower systemd[1]: nut-monitor.service: Can't open PID file /var/run/nut/ (yet?) after start: No such file or directory
          Dec 29 16:12:07 ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower systemd[1]: nut-monitor.service: Failed with result 'protocol'.
          Dec 29 16:12:07 ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower systemd[1]: Failed to start Network UPS Tools - power device monitor and shutdown controller.
      • Following this, I:
        • Installed the server with sudo apt install nut-snmp
        • Changed in the nut.conf file: MODE=none -> MODE=standalone
        • Rebooted again
      • This seemed to work, full output:
        • (base) ctalab@ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower:~$ sudo systemctl enable nut-server
          Synchronizing state of nut-server.service with [[SysV][SysV]] service script with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install.
          Executing: /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable nut-server
          Broadcast message from nut@ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower (somewhere) (Tue Dec 29
          Communications with UPS nevis-ctalab-ups@localhost established
          (base) ctalab@ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower:~$ sudo systemctl enable nut-monitor
          (base) ctalab@ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower:~$ sudo systemctl start nut-server
          (base) ctalab@ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower:~$ sudo systemctl start nut-monitor
          (base) ctalab@ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower:~$ sudo upsc nevis-ctalab-ups
          Init SSL without certificate database
          ambient.1.humidity.alarm.high: 60.00
          ambient.1.humidity.alarm.low: 30.00
          ambient.1.temperature.alarm.high: 40.00
          ambient.1.temperature.alarm.low: 10.00
          battery.charge: 100.00
          battery.current: 0.00
          battery.runtime: 20100.00
          battery.runtime.low: 120
          battery.voltage: 27.20
          device.mfr: APC
          device.model: Smart-UPS 1500
          device.serial: C12034180352
          device.type: ups
          driver.parameter.mibs: apcc
          driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
          driver.parameter.synchronous: no
          driver.version: 2.7.4
 apcc MIB 1.2
          driver.version.internal: 0.97
          input.frequency: 59.90
          input.sensitivity: high
          input.transfer.high: 127
          input.transfer.low: 106
          input.transfer.reason: selfTest
          input.voltage: 120.80
          input.voltage.maximum: 120.80
          input.voltage.minimum: 120.10
          output.current: 0.00
          output.frequency: 59.90
          output.voltage: 120.80
          output.voltage.nominal: 120
          ups.delay.shutdown: 120
          ups.delay.start: 10
          ups.firmware: UPS 09.3 (ID18)
          ups.load: 0.00
          ups.mfr: APC
          ups.model: Smart-UPS 1500
          ups.serial: C12034180352
          ups.status: OL
          ups.temperature: 19.70
          ups.test.result: Ok


Author: Colin

  • NMC for UPS now working
    • Will adjust the details of the networking section of the NevisLabsSetup page to reflect additional changes


Author: Colin

  • Setting up all the networking and devices
    • ctalab machine
      • # host odo is an alias for has address
      • Started ssh server following direction on this page:
    • Smart UPS
      • # host nevis-ctalab-ups has address
      • account: admin
        password: ctaups
  • Switched capacitors on test board to power Hamamatsu SiPM (Nancy)
    • Did this to accommodate higher bias voltage needed
    • C1, C3, C4: replace with 100nF, 100V (1206 package)
    • C5, C6, C7: replace with 2.2uF, 100V (1206 package)


Author: Colin

  • Tried to find the network card for the UPS
    • Not located upstairs in the supply room as was initially thought
    • Found one that looked like it could be it in Bill's office, but not sure how it could've gotten there with Bill absent
  • Programmed the Aim TTi EL302P -USB PSU
    • added as a class of the dcps python package, new class called 'AimTTiEL302P"
    • can find the code at /home/ctalab/anaconda3/envs/cta/lib/python3.8/site-packages/dcps/
      • So far implemented commands to do:
        • Write voltage
          • setVoltage(self, voltage)
        • Write current
          • setCurrent(self, current)
        • Read the set voltage
          • queryVoltage(self)
        • Read the set current
          • queryCurrent(self)
        • Measure voltage
          • measureVoltage(self)
        • Measure current
          • measureCurrent(self)
        • Turning output on/off
          • outputOff(self)
          • outputOn(self)
        • Checking if output is on
          • isOutputOn(self)
      • Start-up code is:
      • and then use the `aim` object to do all the commands
    • Still need to implement commands for
      • switching between local/remote (this isn't an option for the model we have)


  • Author: Massimo.
  • Picked up corrected frame from Barnard (see attachment) and finished mounting optical enclosure with last side panel
  • Images
-- Colin Adams - 2020-12-09


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