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Introduction to the VERITAS analysis with Event Display (ED)

Reference material

Setting up an ED analysis

Setting up your environment

1) Log in on tehanu and execute the following command:

> cp ~santander/reu/myprofile.ED ~/.myprofile

2) Then, you need to create some auxiliary folders for Eventdisplay to work. Executing this little script will do that for you and will show you where to find the folders it creates:

> /a/home/tehanu/santander/reu/

3) Either log out and log back in or execute:

> source ~/.bashrc

That's it! Now, assuming steps 1-3 did not give you any trouble, let's check that ED works.

4) First, you need to let ED know which data you are going to be working with, VERITAS or CTA. This is also known as setting the observatory.

There are a couple of handy aliases in your .myprofile that you can use: This command will set CTA as your observatory:

> setcta

Similarly, for VERITAS:

> setvts

5) Checking that we have access to ED executables and ED version:

> evndisp -v

This should output:


You should also run this command to make sure the condor tools are properly setup:


The output should be:

usage: %prog [options] [-h] [-s SOURCE | -r RUN | -l LIST] [--rerun] [--nobdt]
[--runprocs PROCS] [--cuts CUTS] [--parfile PARFILE]
[--source_type SOURCE_TYPE] [--bkg_model BKG_MODEL]
%prog [options]: error: You have to either specify an IC source (-s) or a runlist (-l)

This is the script we'll use to submit our jobs to the cluster.

Submitting your first job to the cluster

Assuming that you have the Crab run we downloaded recently (run #64080). Prepare a runlist file using your favorite text editor containing one run ID number per file. For instance, create a file called runlist.txt that contains a single line so that when you do:

> cat runlist.txt

the output should be


The next step is to submit the job to the cluster, we'll use for that this way:

> -l runlist.txt

The output should look similar to this:

>>> Condor options <<<
rb_radius: 0.6
reco: GEO
source_type: PointSource
bdt: True
minfilesize: 200000
rerun: True
anasum_runlist_dir: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/anasum_runlist_dir
bkg_model: RB
source: None
re_mindist: 0.1
cuts: Soft
parfile: ANASUM.runparameter
onoff_ratio: 20
re_minareas: 2
evndis_version: v480
re_maxareas: 6
procs: ['evndisp', 'mscw', 'anasum']
condor_script_path: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor
Preparing to analyse run 64080...
Output file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/data/64080.root
Command: ./ 64080 1234 0
./ 64080 1234 0
./ 64080 1234 0

EVNDISP sys: /a/data/tehanu/santander/software/EventDisplay/v480a
Condor exec file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-execs/
Condor output file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-out/vts-evndisp-64080.out
Condor error file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-error/vts-evndisp-64080.error
Condor log file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-logs/vts-evndisp-64080.log
Output file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/data/64080.mscw.root
Getting MSCW table
/a/home/tehanu/santander/bin/ 64080
MSCW Table: table-v480-auxv01-GRISU-SW6-ATM22-V6-GEO.root
Command: $EVNDISPSYS/bin/mscw_energy -tablefile table-v480-auxv01-GRISU-SW6-ATM22-V6-GEO.root -inputfile $VERITAS_USER_DATA_DIR/64080.root -arrayrecid=0 -writeReconstructedEventsOnly=1
EVNDISP sys: /a/data/tehanu/santander/software/EventDisplay/v480a
Condor exec file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-execs/
Condor output file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-out/vts-mscw-64080.out
Condor error file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-error/vts-mscw-64080.error
Condor log file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-logs/vts-mscw-64080.log
Output file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/data/64080.anasum.root
Creating ANASUM script
/a/home/tehanu/santander/bin/ 64080
Gamma/hadron cut file: GammaHadron -Cut-NTel2-PointSource-Soft-TMVA-BDT.dat
Effective area file: effArea-v480-auxv01-GRISU-SW6-Cut-NTel2-PointSource-Soft-TMVA-BDT-GEO-V6-ATM22-T1234.root
Gamma/hadron cut file: GammaHadron -Cut-NTel2-PointSource-Soft-TMVA-BDT.dat
Radial acceptance file: radialAcceptance-v480-auxv01-GRISU-SW6-Cut-NTel2-Soft-GEO-V6-T1234.root
Effective area file: effArea-v480-auxv01-GRISU-SW6-Cut-NTel2-PointSource-Soft-TMVA-BDT-GEO-V6-ATM22-T1234.root
Command: $EVNDISPSYS/bin/anasum -l /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/anasum_runlist_dir/anasum-64080.list -d $VERITAS_USER_DATA_DIR -o /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/data/64080.anasum.root -f ANASUM.runparameter
EVNDISP sys: /a/data/tehanu/santander/software/EventDisplay/v480a
Condor exec file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-execs/
Condor output file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-out/vts-anasum-64080.out
Condor error file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-error/vts-anasum-64080.error
Condor log file: /a/data/tehanu/santander/veritas/ana/condor/vts-logs/vts-anasum-64080.log
Submitting DAG

Once this is done, you should be able to check on the status of your submission using condor_q

> condor_q $USER

More details on condor are available here.


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