Béla Arwen Research Journal (Summer '22)





-- Massimo Capasso - 2022-06-16



- first time accessing Twiki Journal today


  • continued my work on the SED model for 1215 with major success. Have only a little left to alter for a final fit which this is getting close to.
  • read through the decadal survey from VERITAS, focusing on what has relevance to my work. Was very long and complicated so I will need to go back this resource later.
  • Started to focus on the material I am going to present on Tuesday to the REU group at the REU lunch
    • Want to be more specific with the scientific theory
    • inverse Compton scattering
    • photon reabsorption
    • leptonic vs hadronic modeling
  • ran into hardware issues, my computer would not let me use the trackpad or keyboard
    • went to the apple store and a new computer isn't available for a couple of months...
  • my computer still had issues today but they were resolved by restarting my computer 4 times and leaving it to sit unplugged and shut down for 20 minutes
  • beginning the creation of the slides for the presentation Tuesday.
    • will likely have this as something to continue working on over the break weekend (July 4th)


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