Béla Arwen Research Journal (Summer '22)





-- Massimo Capasso - 2022-06-16



- first time accessing Twiki Journal today


  • continued my work on the SED model for 1215 with major success. Have only a little left to alter for a final fit which this is getting close to.
  • read through the decadal survey from VERITAS, focusing on what has relevance to my work. Was very long and complicated so I will need to go back this resource later.
  • Started to focus on the material I am going to present on Tuesday to the REU group at the REU lunch
    • Want to be more specific with the scientific theory
    • inverse Compton scattering
    • photon reabsorption
    • leptonic vs hadronic modeling
  • ran into hardware issues, my computer would not let me use the trackpad or keyboard
    • went to the apple store and a new computer isn't available for a couple of months...
  • my computer still had issues today but they were resolved by restarting my computer 4 times and leaving it to sit unplugged and shut down for 20 minutes
  • beginning the creation of the slides for the presentation Tuesday.
    • will likely have this as something to continue working on over the break weekend (July 4th)



  • finalized and presented presentation on Blazar physics to REU group
  • gave up on my computer in favor of the spare
  • beginning VEGAS analysis of 1ES 1215+303 for 2021
    • running a crab analysis again to make sure I can do the steps properly
    • will be applying time cuts in the method Leela recommends from thier own experience with VEGAS
  • source has only three runs in 2021 which are of acceptable quality (only one other run of 'D' quality) to be included in the analysis (time cuts noted)
    • 97993
      • time cut from 10.25 - 11 min
    • 98127
    • 98346
      • time cut from 10.5 - 11.5 min and
      • time cut from 17 - 20.5 min (both)
  • hope to have spectrum, skymap, and lightcurve for this source by the end of the week
  • successfully complete a trial crab analysis
  • set up and began VEGAS analysis of 1ES1215+303
    • downloaded the appropriate runs
    • applied correct time cuts
    • began stages 1-5
  • started work on the final presentation/paper
  • Meet with Dr. Muhkerjee to discuss progress and upcoming meeting with the group from CalPoly
    • need to prepare slides for group meeting Thursday as well as Friday's meeting
      • Fridays slides: Blazar physics and accelerated jets / SED modeling



  • day off - trip to BNL
  • Ran stage6 and began interpretation of output
  • using Massimo's plotting code for stage6, got significance map and Excess counts map for 121
    • need to learn more about what these are, the science behind them, and create slides about them
    • understand generally:
      • significance map : source - background / width of source (?)
      • excess counts : counts which are above the background noise (source - background)
    • need to get to the point where I understand how they can be useful to analysis
  • Want to plot flux with archival data I have been plotting already
  • have preliminary slides created for meeting with CalPoly, but need to flesh them out a little more, especially with respect to the main focus which should be SED modeling
  • analysis of 1215+303 was insignificant and may try to rerun analysis with the inclusion of 1218+304
    • new runlist needed for this
    • will start with 2021 but may go back to 2020 if I have time
    • loggen system is down so will have to start this tomorrow
    • stages 1-5 should be normal but need to include some options on the config for stage 6:
      • S6A _TestPositionRA=184.467
      • S6A _TestPositionDEC=30.1168
      • S6A _UserDefinedExclusionList="exclude1218.txt"
    • must create this file exclude1218.txt:
      • 185.341428 30.176989 0.3
      • 1ES1218+304
  • this will hopefully produce some interesting data, but must consider whether any of the runs include non-low state data
  • the future of this analysis:
    • no time for but would be nice to have a fermi analysis of this source for 2021
    • inclusion of multiwavelength data for SED fitting
      • I know where to find X-ray data
      • nothing else
    • SED fitting for new data?
  • Started new analysis for 1215 with 1218 runs included
  • new runlist:
    • 20210117 97597 97593 97593 97593 97593 
    • 20210117 97598 97593 97593 97593 97593 
    • 20210205 97656 97648 97648 97648 97648 
    • 20210205 97657 97648 97648 97648 97648 
    • 20210209 97740 97731 97731 97731 97731 
    • 20210307 97993 97996 97996 97996 97996 
    • 20210318 98127 98129 98129 98129 98129 
    • 20210404 98249 98246 98246 98246 98246 
    • 20210404 98250 98246 98246 98246 98246 
    • 20210409 98346 98340 98340 98340 98340 
    • 20210503 98567 98577 98577 98577 98577 
    • 20210503 98569 98577 98577 98577 98577
  • only one new time cut:
    • 97597
      • time cut from 26.5 - 30 min
  • Finished slides for meeting tomorrow with CalPoly
  • analysis finished running overnight but ran into issues before I could run stage 6, will retry Monday
  • meeting with CalPoly was successful



  • Returned spare computer to Amy today
  • Restarted analysis of 1215+1218 runs
    • applied all time cuts properly.
  • also started analysis for Pablo since he was unable to download runs on his terminal.
    • may just go ahead and finish the analysis for him on my computer since it's only 3 runs and shouldn't take too long to complete.
  • read through the papers for tomorrow's meeting with CalPoly
  • meeting with CalPoly students was informative and let us realize that this is a very complicated topic that will take time to digest
    • I will be making the slides for next week (with Leela's help) about Matteo's Paper
    • Jodi asked for me to draw pictures to help illuminate the mechanics described by the equations
  • Started stage 6 for Pablo and my analyses
    • this is my first attempt to use screens to run the analysis so I will follow up on how that worked out


  • Pablo's analysis ran, with limited results
    • no spectrum was created...
    • could not send the files through Gmail because it doesn't accept executable files.
    • the solution to this is to have him access the files through the tehanu server by looking into my directories, which Leela showed is possible.
  • my analysis still didn't run but is now running on a screen and seems to be working finally
  • I have a rough template completed for my final report
    • formatting is my favorite thing so good to get this started early
    • the content is still in the air on exactly what Ill be talking about
      • rough idea is to have:
      • Intro
        • This will cover AGN --> blazars, interesting things about AGN which are not the following
      • gamma-ray emission mechanisms
      • Analysis & Conclussions
      • Summary
      • Acknowledgements
  • I also helped Massimo today with data acquision
    • this involved reading off an antique box (I say this endearingly)
    • we were finding what will be the expected output for the flasher in different LED configurations
    • this will be used in the SCT to calibrate the detector
  • working on the final report and presentation for the symposium tomorrow.
  • analysis finished and I was able to look at the significance and excess counts maps for the combined 1215+1218 runs
  • still showed little significance, but need to discuss w/ Deivid and/or Colin about possible mistakes I made.
    • expect more than one region in the FOV but only see one
    • in the first analysis, there are two overlapping circles, but in this one, we should see at least two, maybe more... not less
  • also, embarrassingly, just learned how to access jupyter notebooks on the Tehanu server
  • presented at the undergraduate symposium


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