Top Partner Lhe files:

For model described here: Early discovery of top partners and test of the Higgs nature, Natascia Vignaroli

Beam Energy: 33 TeV

Lambda: 3

Inclusive production:

* UPDATED WITH NEW FILES August 12th 2013 *

Files are mixed Ts and Tsbar. Each link below is to a tar file which contains 120 files, 20 files for each mass point, each with 10k events. The files are named like "Ts_<decay>_unweighted_events_<beam energy>TEV_L3_M<mass>_<file num>.lhe.gz" <decay> is Zt, ht or Wb, <mass> is 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, and <file num> is 1 to 20.

* 14 TeV*

Wb: Ts Wb 14TeV

Zt: Ts Zt 14TeV

ht: Ts ht 14TeV

* 100 TeV*

Wb: Ts Wb 100TeV

Zt: Ts Zt 100TeV

ht: Ts ht 100TeV

* 33 TeV*

Wb: Ts Wb, Ts Wb, highest mass point (3TeV)

Zt: Ts Zt, Ts Zt, highest mass point (3TeV)

ht: Ts ht, Ts ht, highest mass point (3TeV)

*Model files, inputs for MadGraph 5 v1_5_9 *

Cross Section vs Mass:

cross section vs mass

-- TimothyAndeen - 2013-04-29

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