Phone system

Our Voice-over-IP provider is 8x8 (pronounced "eight by eight"). This is a brief overview. You can find complete documentation here.

Here's our phone directory.

Voice mail

Dial 555 if you're using you're own phone; dial 500 if you're checking your voice mail from another Nevis phone. You should have received your default voice mail password in an e-mail message. If you don't know it, ask WilliamSeligman or login to your Virtual Office account and change it there.

If you don't want to receive notifications of voice mail (by e-mail) or want to turn it off entirely, you can do it in Virtual Office. If you wish, you can ask WilliamSeligman to make such changes for you.

Virtual Office

You can configure how the phone system works for you using Virtual Office. I strongly recommend you login at least once to see what you can do. Your account name is the same as your Nevis e-mail address. To get a password, click on the "Forgot password" link and follow directions.

You can also use Virtual Office from a separate program on a Mac or Windows system; the program can be downloaded here. The VIrtual Office program can be set to automatically start when you login to your computer.

There are also free VIrtual Office apps for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android phones.

By using one or more of these programs, you can send and receive calls using your Nevis phone number without being near a physical phone; all you need is an internet connection.


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