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Last Draft! May 10

Here is the last draft which will be submitted to the director and uploaded to the

arXiv on May 18: TevProgram_v12.pdf

Almost last draft! April 30

We want to turn in the final draft on May 18. Here is the next to last draft. THANKS to Josh Spitz for all of the work

between draft 7 and 8! Nice job, Josh!


Some number of meetings later! April 16

Here is a full draft! I am putting in the figures. Hopefully with editing it comes out in a month!

The latest text is here: TevProgram_v7.pdf

Seventh Meeting, Feb 13

I think we will get this wrapped up within 10 meetings!

The latest text is here: [[https://twiki.nevis.columbia.edu/twiki/pub/FutureTev/WebHome/TevProgram_v4.pdf][TevProgram_v4.pdf]]

Here are the nutau figures which are not yet included (I need to convert them to pdf): 20090130_DONuT_BeamLayout.eps, 20090125_DONuT_MCspectra.eps

Here is the information on the CERN Workshop: http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=51128

Next meeting is March 13

Sixth Meeting, Jan 16

Agenda item:

We have an updated version of the Charm Section. There is new text on nutaus which is not yet included here, but is attached below. And the neutral heavy lepton section is now updated. Also, I rewrote the introduction and upgraded the title (see if you like it). The new text is here: TevProgram_v3.pdf

The nutau pdf is here: 20090116_TevProgram_tau.pdf

The .tex of main document is here: TevProgram_v3.tex

The .tex of the nutau is here: 20090116_TevProgram_tau.tex

Next meeting will be Feb 13

Fifth Meeting, Dec 5

Agenda item:

We will discuss the latest version of the Charm Section, which is here: https://twiki.nevis.columbia.edu/twiki/pub/FutureTev/WebHome/all_v0.5.pdf

I have not integrated this into the overal Tev-program text but will do so.

Next meeting will be January 9 (since no one will probably be around on the usual 1st friday-- Jan 2!)

Fourth Meeting, Nov 6

Agenda item:

Second draft of text: TevProgram_v2.pdf TevProgram_v1.tex

Next meeting will be Dec 5, 11:30 CT.

Third Meeting, Oct 3

Agenda item:

First draft of text: TevProgram_v1.pdf TevProgram_v1.tex

Next meeting will be Nov 7 , 9 CT.

Second Meeting, Sept 5

Agenda items:

1. More about SPS+. The talk is here... intromeeting2.pdf

2. Go over the outline of the paper. The 1st draft paper is here... TevProgram.pdf

3. Report from the nutau group

4. Report from the charm group Charm.pdf

Next meeting will be Oct 3 , 9 CT.

First Organizational Meeting, Aug 4

We will be developing a white paper on Physics Opportunities of a Tevatron-based Fixed Target Program.

This organizational meeting will discuss strategy for making our case, define initial questions about the Tevatron and introduce a new working group on Hyperons.

The intro talk is here... FTorgmeeting.pdf

Next meeting will be Sept 5, 9 ET.

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