Topic: BXMuMuCode

Analysis and Reconstruction Code for the B → Xs μ+ μ- modes

Access and Reconstuction ( rareb_reco )

The B→X μ+ μ- Reconstruction Package consists of primary and secondary vertexing and mass constraint methods from d0root and provides data access via SAM and local files

Montecarlo Information ( rareb_mcinfo )

The Montecarlo Information package is a set of tools to match montecarlo truth table information with events reconstructed after a geant detector simulation and pileup effects are incorporated into each event. This will be used to provide reconstruction efficiency estimates and means to estimate the optimization efficiency of signal over background.

Customized data tree ( rareb_tree )

Data Tree Classes are conversions of d0root structures to flat structures storeable in root trees containing TRefs to the original data in the tmb-trees.

Customized MC tree ( rareb_mctree )

Further Selection ( rareb_select )

Optimization ( rareb_optimize )

Read Out and Plot ( rareb_display )

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