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Research Journal (Summer 2020)

Thursday, June 11
  • Met with Deivid - discussed current status of fermitools troubleshooting (still haven't fixed it), as well as ideas for moving forward on that and other things
  • Goal to compare my fermi results for 2017egm from last summer with Deivid's results on the VERITAS wiki - first step will be to look through my own results to make sure they are all in order and complete
  • Last idea for troubleshooting fermitools - look at the fits files using astropy to make sure they are not corrupted
  • However, since it seems unlikely that we will solve the fermitools issue soon, making plans to switch to using either Qi or Ari's setup on tehanu
  • Had an issue with getting onto tehanu, but Bill Seligman helped me get it fixed, so it should be working now
 Wednesday, June 10
  • Particles for Justice strike
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