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Research Journal (Summer 2020)

Thursday, July 30
  • Only working part day because it is a Jewish Fast Day
  • Mostly just reading papers - for journal club and about Boomerang and its related sources

Wednesday, July 29

  • Full Boomerang analysis finished running - converged, no detection at the coordinates I used. Did see a fairly bright detection abour half a degree away which is not in the catalogs
  • Met with Deivid - looked at a few papers of higher energy analyses of the area, looks like there are multiple sources in the area (pulsar, PWN, SNR). I had the pulsar as one of the sources in the model (from the 3FHL catalog), and the coordinates I used were almost on top of the pulsar (which seems to be the location of the known radio PWN). The place where I saw the detection seems to be the same location as a TeV source which might be the SNR.
  • Journal club - action items for moving forward
  • Group meeting - got some papers to look at regarding the Boomerang area.
 Tuesday, July 28
  • 1year analysis of Boomerang finished running - fit converged, but source was not really detected
  • Ran analysis of Boomerang source for full (almost 12 year) time period
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