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Research Journal (Summer 2020)

Monday, July 27
  • Finished up slides for group meeting
  • Read FGES catalog paper
  • Still haven't been able to find an already made full FGES catalog file, so decided to try creating one myself
  • Combined the xml model files which I found for FGES sources into one xml file to be my FGES catalog file, crosschecking all of the sources with the paper to make sure I have all of the sources in the model which are supposed to be in the FGES catalog
  • My new FGES file seems to be working, started running a 1-year analysis of Boomerang just to make sure both the catalog files (3FHL and FGES) are not having any problems
  • 3pm Group meeting
 Friday, July 24
  • Working on few slides - summary of SLSNe call
  • Got the 3FHL catalog working - had a little trouble at first when I tried to use the .fit file, but eventually got it to work with the xml file.
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