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Research Journal (Summer 2020)

Tuesday, July 14
  • VERITAS collaboration meeting
  • Summer colloquium - pSCT talk by Massimo
  • Started looking for papers about doing Fermi analysis for PWNe to get a better idea of how things work - found a few papers which will hopefully be helpful to look at
  • I have a few questions about how to go forward with the PWNe analyses - How long a time period should I be using? I'm also confused about the list of sources I got. Some of the PWNe have multiple 3FGL or 4FGL sources listed next to them, so does that mean I should run an analysis for each of those sources? Also most of the fermi catalog sources are listed as being offset from the PWN sources, which I would think means that they aren't actually the same source, so I'm just not quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing.
  • 1. eHWC J2019+368 ... 3FGL J2021.1+3651 (offset: 16.50')
    2. eHWC J1850+001 ... 3FGL J1850.5−0024 (offset: 32.8')
    3. VER J2228+609 ... 3FGL J2229+6114 (offset: 23.1'), 3FGL J2225.8+6045 (offset: 36.20')
    4. HESS J1356−645 ... 4FGL J1355.1−6420e, 3FGL 1356.6−6428 (offset: 4.41')
    5. HESS J1420−607 ... 4FGL J1420.3−6046e, 3FGL 1420.0−6048 (offset: 3.89')
    6. HESS J1418−609 ... 4FGL J1417.7−6057, 4FGL J1418.7−6057, 3FGL 1418.6−6058 (offset: 4.81')
    7. HESS J1747−281 ... 3FGL J1747.0−2828 (offset: 19.96') 3FGL J1748.3−2815c (offset: 19.25')
 Monday, July 13
  • Made slides for group meeting - SN2020jhm results
  • VERITAS collaboration meeting
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