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Research Journal (Summer 2020)

Wednesday, July 1
  • Read article for anti-racism journal club
  • Continued working on rerun of 17egm using fermipy
  • 1pm journal club
  • 2pm Group meeting
  • Finished initial run of 17egm, most of the bins converged. Started working on the bins which didn't converge, will continue tomorrow.
 Tuesday, June 30
  • Made a table of eflux values for 15bn to compare to Deivid, we both have lower eflux value in bin5 than in the other bins
  • Met with Deivid, discussing long term plan: I will redo the 17egm analysis using fermipy, work on my background presentation for next week, then work on a one month analysis of new source SN2020jhm. Deivid will work on the sensitivity calculations. Once I finish these we can discuss with Reshmi maybe working on a fermi analysis for NuStar.
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