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Miles Garcia Research Journal (Summer '21)

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  • Continued looking at python code for extracting significance and excess plots/maps.
  • Started to rework the code a bit to add information directly from the .reg file for exclusion regions and the source-- need to get the labeling to work
  • REU Lecture
  • Completed addition to python code to add labels for all regions (Source + exclusion) on each plot, directly from .reg file (except names which are only commented in the .reg file)
  • Used the code to save significance and excess plots for all GRBs with s6 completed w/ updated labels
  • Re-ran GRB170519A s4 itm for run 86212 with debug and saved files for s1-s4 to look at the segfault error in the run
  -- Miles Garcia - 2021-06-08
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