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Research Journal: Jamil Batshoun

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  1. Notes:
    1. aa5351-06: Is the IRF a good measure of telescope performance? what about the psf?
-- Jamil Batshoun - 2021-06-09
June 16, 2021
  1. What was done today:
    1. read about fits, found the standard paper for fits
    2. read about the icrs, dec, and ra
    3. looked for a formal definition of the dl3-dr1 data from hess. did not find much info about what a data level is
    4. ran into same issue with the path associated with the GAMMAPY_DATA environment variable
      1. I fixed this by adding a line to my .profile on the nevis computers. I don't see this becoming a problem again.
    5. completed tutorial 2
  2. What is left to do:
    1. Read up on background modeling.
    2. Understand what the classes of gammapy do
    3. get a better understanding of how the analysis (both high level and lower level gammapy api)

-- Jamil Batshoun - 2021-06-09



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