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Research Journal: Adam Oppenheimer


Monday, August 3rd

  • Changed the Chi-Squared function so that it would be more reflective of the actual data
    • The old values were WAY too low due to forgetting to divide by the expected value squared as opposed to the expected value
  • Finished the first draft for my presentation for Wednesday
  • Modified the code so that all of the plots would be in MJD instead of the original MET
  • Used the equation present in the Meyer et al. paper to determine an upper limit to the size of the emitting region
    • The doppler shift was lifted from the Ton 599 paper from the Ghisellini 1998 approximation present in the Prince 2018 paper
    • The redshift was lifted off of SIMBAD
    • This value was in the range of 1e9 cm for Ton 599 and in the range 3e10 for 3C 279
      • The difference for 3C 279 might be due to the different redshift + doppler boost that was not changed


Friday, July 31st

  • Modified the code so that it would include the associated Chi Squared value with the fit and present if the model is a good fit for the data
  • Added a constant flux term to the exponential profile to try and ensure better fits for the flares modeled
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