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Research Journal: Adam Oppenheimer


Wednesday, July 29th

  • Debugged the flare detection method to work well with flared regions that are not strictly decreasing from the flare
  • Determined the 'flared zones' for the source Ton599
  • Tried to get the flare plotting to work for those zones, but the curves did not fit properly
    • Is likely because of the absence of enough data
  • Put work into running the 3 day binned analysis onto the specific zones that were isolated
    • tried to debug some errors, but was having trouble finding the issue


Tuesday, July 28th

  • Worked out the issue with the flares profiling not mapping to the correct flare
    • The issue was one with the initial values that were set by the curve_fit method. To solve the problem, I set initial t0 and F0 values to lie close to the peak to ensure that the method maps to the correct peak
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