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Research Journal: Adam Oppenheimer


Friday, July 24th

  • Finished the base analysis: the mean was very good but the SD was a little too low(.84)
    • Decided to continue on to the lightcurve analysis
  • Spent a long time trying to debug the lightcurve analysis, especially running multiple sections at a time
    • After eventually getting it to work, I ran the lightcurve analysis but for some reason, none of the sections actually finished, resulting in an empty lightcurve
    • Will need to do further investigation over the weekend into why the individual sections won't return their individual lightcurves
  • Did some debugging on the Flare Plotting/analysis
    • Am having difficulty with the piecewise functions required for the piecewise exponential function; will try to investigate how to solve that specific problem over the weekend
  • Found a journal article for the Journal Club


Thursday, July 23rd

  • Ran the Ton599 Base Analysis but with higher requirements for TS(changed it to 64 but will likely have to do it again going up to 100.
  • Implemented a way to restrict the BBs used to a given flare
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