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Research Journal: Adam Oppenheimer


Thursday, July 23rd

  • Ran the Ton599 Base Analysis but with higher requirements for TS(changed it to 64 but will likely have to do it again going up to 100.
  • Implemented a way to restrict the BBs used to a given flare
  • Debugged the existing flare plotting algorithms
    • The detection method used sometimes mismaps, going to a small data perturbation as opposed to a noticable flare
  • Worked on implementing a new flare profile as an exponential piecewise function as opposed to the sum of reciprocal exponentials that is currently being used to make it both easier to work with and possibly more accurate.


Wednesday, July 22nd

  • Debugged the initial Base Analysis for Ton 599 and there was an overall poor fit for the source.
    • The mean displayed in the significance histogram was around 1.20
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