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Research Journal: Adam Oppenheimer


Monday, July 20th

  • Wrote up code to take the Bayesian blocks and the baseline Quiescent Flux to determine the time intervals over which there are flares.
    • This is determined by finding the peak of a given flare and then continuing down the flare up until a certain baseline is reached, at which point the flare is terminated
    • The initial peak must be higher than 3 times the QF level (can be modified) and the flare is terminated when the BB flux drops below 1 SD above the QF level(the SD is calculated based on the QF data range that is calculated from the find QF method written). The SD required to end the peak is also modifiable
    • The method might clump peaks together, so this has to be written in to modify the current code
  • Began looking into the actual meanings of the parameters associated with the exponential profile function.
    • determined the conversion from the t0 value to the actual peak of the flare(the difference between t0 and the actual peak is determined by the asymmetry of the flare itself.


Friday, July 17th

  • Implemented a code that is able to optimize an exponential profile to a given time series data to model a flare
    • The exponential profile used has 4 degrees of freedom: F0, t0, Tr, and Td. These are determined through the scipy.stats.curve_fit function, which yields these coefficients
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