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FPM+FEE modules testing at Nevis Laboratories

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    1. UPS setup
      1. Setup remote control with network card (support: Bill)
        1. ✔ Make connection (Bill sets up monitoring)
        1. Figure out remote controlling
        1. ✔ Figure out remote controlling
      1. Connect: SiPMs PSU, Adapter PSU, PC, Fan, Function Generator, Laser driver
    1. ✔ Replace bias capacitors on SMART test board. See red circle in enclosed picture: 20201022_171019_MOD2.jpg (support: Nancy):
      1. C1, C3, C4: replace with 100nF, 100V (1206 package)
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      1. Setup security switch on dark box
    1. ✔ PSU units:
      1. Write software for remote control. Basic functions: voltage r/w, compliance r/w, current r, enable control, channel select (for dual PSU)
        1. Software details written up in the 2020-12-09 eLog
    1. ✔ PC:
      1. Setup VNC server (support: Deivid)


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