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September 2021 eLog


Author: Colin

  • Working with the frankenflasher again
    • Pot at 1k seems a little low. All dim LEDs on don't seem to appear at all
    • Do see a signal with 1 bright LED on


Author: Colin

  • Working in the Nevis lab with the two flashers we have from the barnard lab
    • See:
    • We had "Flasher F" and the old flasher from the site
    • Old flasher from the site "Flasher S":
      • Doesn't seem to receive any programming on which LEDs to turn on
    • Flasher F
      • One LED always on when flasher is powered
    • Now using Flasher F's PSoC board, and the LED board from the Flasher S
      • Setting the pot to 1 kΩ
  • Started writing up stuff about how to use the lab setup here
-- Colin Adams - 2021-09-08


META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20210910_flasher_at_nevis.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1642791571" name="20210910_flasher_at_nevis.pdf" path="20210910_flasher_at_nevis.pdf" size="2080654" user="ColinAdams" version="1"
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