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June 2021 eLog



Author: Colin, Laurel

  • We are assigning a static port for each of the PSUs
  • Using python to figure out the ports that each device is connected to
    • python
    • > import visa
    • > rm = visa.ResourceManager()
    • > rm.list_resources()
  • The small PSU is currently on ASRL/dev/ttyACM0::INSTR
    • Which is apparently shortened to: /dev/ttyACM0
  • Following directions at this link: https://msadowski.github.io/linux-static-port/
  • We ran
    • SINGLE PSU: udevadm info --name /dev/ttyACM0 --attribute-walk
      • ATTRS{idProduct}=049c (under the second parent device)
    • DOUBLE PSU: udevadm info --name /dev/ttyACM1 --attribute-walk
      • ATTRS{idProduct}=0460 (under the second parent device)
  • Then, like with solution from 6/14/2021 eLog, we added to /etc/udev/rules.d/serial-ports.rules
    • ATTRS{idProduct}=="049c", SYMLINK+="psu1"
    • ATTRS{idProduct}=="0460", SYMLINK+="psu2"
  • After a restart, these showed up when we ran "ls /dev/psu*"
  • However, there's something about using the specific ASRL*::INSTR names from the VISA manager library thing that means this isn't the full solution.. So need to think about this some more.


Author: Colin

Line: 105 to 127
  • Replaced U6 with new ADP3338; the power supply immediately reaches compliance, lowering voltage from input 5V to 2V roughly. Also, ADP338 immediately starts heating up, there is still a short somewhere. Check capacitors FC05/6?

-- Massimo Capasso - 2021-06-08
-- Massimo Capasso - 2021-06-08


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