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June 2021 eLog


Author: Colin

  • When logging into odo remotely, getting these warnings about nut ad infinatum
  • When logging into odo remotely, getting these warnings about nut ad infinitum
    • Broadcast message from nut@ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower (somewhere) (Tue Jun 22
      Communications with UPS nevis-ctalab-ups@localhost lost
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 Jun 22 16:59:13 ctalab-Precision-3630-Tower upsmon[14298]: Communications with UPS nevis-ctalab-ups@localhost established
      • Unclear what any of this means
    • Maybe this helps:
      • (Fix, but seems to assume a serial connection) https://www.truenas.com/community/threads/ups-repeatedly-gaining-and-losing-connection-with-server.40532/
      • There's also some documentation of the issue here, potentially as it relates to upssched:
        • https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/issues/219
        • Unclear if there's actually a resolution here as much as an acknowledgment of the issue.
      • Similar ideas here to make changes to timing things in conf files
        • https://www.truenas.com/community/threads/data-for-ups-is-stale.20898/
        • https://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php?thread/4131-solved-ups-communication-instable/
    • Advice from Bill
      • To suppress these messages, you want to edit the file:
        Do a search on NOTIFYFLAG. You probably want to remove the WALL option from something like:
        Then restart upsmon:
        systemctl restart nut-monitor 
      • Nothing was set by default for NOTIFYFLAG in upsmon.conf
        • However, it says that the default behavior is that
          • "upsmon sends walls (global messages to all logged in users) and writes to the syslog when things happen. You can change this."
        • So I modified the file to say:
        • The syslog appears to be located at /var/log/syslog
      • I restarted nut-monitor
      • Now am keeping an eye on /var/log/syslog with tail -f
        • It hasn't reported any stale data or lost connections yet, so I'm not thinking I should have seen anything in the "WALL" yet, but at the very least no notifications have shown up at the wall for the time being.
        • Looks like this was part of the way successful, got rid of the connection lost notification, but not the connection established ones
        • Modified /etc/nut/upsmon.conf now to include the line:
        • this looks like it fixed it entirely


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  • Replaced U6 with new ADP3338; the power supply immediately reaches compliance, lowering voltage from input 5V to 2V roughly. Also, ADP338 immediately starts heating up, there is still a short somewhere. Check capacitors FC05/6?

-- Massimo Capasso - 2021-06-08
-- Massimo Capasso - 2021-06-08


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