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January 2022 eLog


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  • Some problem areas:
    • The screws that secure the standoffs on the FEE to the cage aren't flush against the cage, they jut out a little bit
    • Finding that some of the samtec cables are getting scratched at the edge
  • Two important notes:
    • The front part of the cage can be mounted already:
      • Keep the front and back part of the cage together
      • Pass the cables through both parts of the cage into the area where they attach to FEE module
      • Then attach the FEE, slide it into place
        • You need to unscrew the standoff on top that gets inserted first to go under the spring, then rescrew once it is past the spring but not fully inside the cage
      • Use the 3D printed materials as a buffer to hold the post and the SiPM mounts, then start adding SiPMs to the top left slot (facing the FPM), adding them one by one and rotating between each
        • Safest way to hold the SiPMs is using roughly flat tweezers via the black SMART board connector port


Author: Colin, Massimo

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