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February 2022 eLog


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    • Connection and during pedestal run:
      • Current goes to 1.09 A and holds steady
        • Is this current level expected?
  • Tried to take a signal run using INFN_FEE_SMART_QC.py, using defaults_smart.yaml
    • Got an error "did you forget to enable datataking?"
      • The file is probably empty, given that the pulser was off and the trigger was set to external
      • The pulser check is not done by INFN_FEE_SMART_QC, but the pulser should be on for data taking
      • Checked that the bias was delivered correctly to the SMART board, see pictures
      • For next test, we can either try and turn the pulser on or run a triggerscan on noise (the trigger is set to hardsync and not external, so the pulser should not be needed)BiasSiPM_2.jpeg
      • BiasSiPM.jpeg
  • At some point we need to investigate our disk partition issue
    • it appears that we only have 30 or so ish GB on our main disk, which is close to full already
    • meanwhile we have ~4 TB on the data disk
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="BiasSiPM_2.jpeg" attr="" comment="" date="1644279637" name="BiasSiPM_2.jpeg" path="BiasSiPM_2.jpeg" size="192882" user="MassimoCapasso" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="BiasSiPM.jpeg" attr="" comment="" date="1644279660" name="BiasSiPM.jpeg" path="BiasSiPM.jpeg" size="186404" user="MassimoCapasso" version="1"
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