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Pablo Drake Research Journal (Summer '22)


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  • As per Deivid's suggestion, I attempted carrying out lightcurve analysis freeing lower TS sources and a larger radius. Carried out this modification for the whole baseline analysis, the 1-week timeframe around the flare, and the source J0658. The fit still won't converge, and by looking at the residmap, it seems like there is no abnormal source, nothing unaccounted by the model.
  • I had a Zoom chat with Janeth Valverde to consult on the lightcurve problem. Janeth pointed out that the problem might have to do with some of fermitools not running properly for a source this faint. Instead of using Ari's pipeline, she recommended doing a general check on that by running fermitools directly on the command line. She also recommended focusing solely in the last 6 months, and doing an unbinned analysis.
  • Janeth also discussed trying out an adaptive binning strategy (in parallel to the other analyses). She shared this example as a demonstration of the usefulness of adaptive binning.
  • Contacted Ari Brill
 -- Massimo Capasso - 2022-06-16


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