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Béla Arwen Research Journal (Summer '22)


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  • have preliminary slides created for meeting with CalPoly, but need to flesh them out a little more, especially with respect to the main focus which should be SED modeling
  • analysis of 1215+303 was insignificant and may try to rerun analysis with the inclusion of 1218+304
    • new runlist needed for this
    • will start with 2021 but may go back to 2020 if I have time
    • loggen system is down so will have to start this tomorrow
    • stages 1-5 should be normal but need to include some options on the config for stage 6:
      • S6A_TestPositionRA=184.467
      • S6A_TestPositionDEC=30.1168
      • S6A_UserDefinedExclusionList="exclude1218.txt"
    • must create this file exclude1218.txt:
      • 185.341428 30.176989 0.3
      • 1ES1218+304
  • this will hopefully produce some interesting data, but must consider whether any of the runs include non-low state data
  • the future of this analysis:
    • no time for but would be nice to have a fermi analysis of this source for 2021
    • inclusion of multiwavelength data for SED fitting
      • I know where to find X-ray data
      • nothing else
    • SED fitting for new data?


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