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Béla Arwen Research Journal (Summer '22)


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    • applied correct time cuts
    • began stages 1-5
  • started work on final presentation/paper

  • Meet with Dr. Muhkerjee to discuss progress and upcoming meeting with the group from CalPoly
    • need to prepare slides for group meeting thursday as well as friday's meeeting
      • Fridays slides: Blazar physics and accelerated jets / SED modeling



  • day off - trip to BNL
  • Ran stage6 and began intrepretation of output
  • using massimo's plotting code for stage6, got significance map and Excess counts map for 121
    • need to now learn more about what these are, the science behind them, and create slides about them
    • understand generally:
      • significance map : source - background / width of source (?)
      • excess counts : counts which are above the background noise (source - background)
    • need to get to the point where I understand how they can be useful to analysis
  • Want to plot flux with archival data I have been plotting already


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