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Béla Arwen Research Journal (Summer '22)


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  • my computer still had issues today but they were resolved by restarting my computer 4 times and leaving it to sit unplugged and shut down for 20 minutes
  • beginning the creation of the slides for the presentation Tuesday.
    • will likely have this as something to continue working on over the break weekend (July 4th)



  • finalized and presented presentation on Blazar physics to REU group
  • gave up on my computer in favor of the spare
  • beginning VEGAS analysis of 1ES 1215+303 for 2021
    • running a crab analysis again to make sure I can do the steps properly
    • will be applying timecuts in the method Leela recommends from thier own experience with VEGAS
  • source has only 3 runs in 2021 which are of acceptable quality (only 1 other run of 'D' quality) to be included in the analysis (timecuts noted)
    • 97993
      • timecut from 10.25 - 11 min
    • 98127
    • 98346
      • timecut from 10.5 - 11.5 min and
      • timecut from 17 - 20.5 min (both)
  • hope to have spectrum, skymap, and lightcurve for this source by the end of the week



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