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Béla Arwen Research Journal (Summer '22)


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    • could not send the files through Gmail because it doesn't accept executable files.
    • the solution to this is to have him access the files through the tehanu server by looking into my directories, which Leela showed is possible.
  • my analysis still didn't run but is now running on a screen and seems to be working finally
  • I have a rough template completed for my final report
    • formatting is my favorite thing so good to get this started early
    • the content is still in the air on exactly what Ill be talking about
      • rough idea is to have:
      • Intro
        • This will cover AGN --> blazars, interesting things about AGN which are not the following
      • gamma-ray emission mechanisms
      • Analysis & Conclussions
      • Summary
      • Acknowledgements
  • I also helped Massimo today with data acquision
    • this involved reading off an antique box (I say this endearingly)
    • we were finding what will be the expected output for the flasher in different LED configurations
    • this will be used in the SCT to calibrate the detector
  • working on the final report and presentation for the symposium tomorrow.


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