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Béla Arwen Research Journal (Summer '22)


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  • Returned spare computer to Amy today
  • Restarted analysis of 1215+1218 runs
    • applied all time cuts properly.
  • also started analysis for Pablo since he was unable to download runs on his terminal.
    • may just go ahead and finish the analysis for him on my computer since it's only 3 runs and shouldn't take too long to complete.
  • read through the papers for tomorrow's meeting with CalPoly
  • meeting with CalPoly students was informative and let us realize that this is a very complicated topic that will take time to digest
    • I will be making the slides for next week (with Leela's help) about Matteo's Paper
    • Jodi asked for me to draw pictures to help illuminate the mechanics described by the equations
  • Started stage 6 for Pablo and my analyses
    • this is my first attempt to use screens to run the analysis so I will follow up on how that worked out
  • Pablo's analysis ran, with limited results
    • no spectrum was created...
    • could not send the files through Gmail because it doesn't accept executable files.
    • the solution to this is to have him access the files through the tehanu server by looking into my directories, which Leela showed is possible.
  • my analysis still didn't run but is now running on a screen and seems to be working finally


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