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TWiki Site Tools

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  web="TWiki" type="regex" nosearch="on"
  reverse="on" limit="50" }%
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Generating statistics manually by URL

  • The twiki/bin/statistics script can also be executed as a CGI script - just enter the URL in your browser. Examples:
  • If {Stats}{DisableInvocationFromBrowser} config parameter is false (it's false in this installation), the twiki/bin/statistics script can also be executed as a CGI script - just enter the URL in your browser. Examples:
    • Update current month for all webs you have access to:
    • Update current month for Main web only:
    • Update Oct 2023 for Main web:
    • Update Oct 2023 for the ProjectX, ProjectY and ProjectZ webs:

The maximum number of items in columns

There are columns having a list of items. The maximum number of items listed in a column is specified as follows.

Topic Column and part Configuration parameter Default
WebStatistics of webs Affiliation breakdown in "Topic views", "Topic saves", and "File uploads" columns {Stats}{TopAffiliation} 10
"Most popular topic views" column {Stats}{TopViews} 10
"Top viewers" column {Stats}{TopViewers} 10
"Top contributors for tpoic save and uploads" column {Stats}{TopContrib} 10
Main.SiteStatistics The list of webs viewed the most number of times in the "Webs Viewed" column {Stats}{SiteTopViews} 0
The list of webs updated the most number of times in the "Webs Updated" column {Stats}{SiteTopUpdates} 0
Affiliation breakdown in "Topic Views", "Topic Saves", and "File Uploads" columns {Stats}{SiteTopAffiliation} 10
"Top Viewers" column {Stats}{SiteTopViewers} 10
"Top Contributors" column {Stats}{SiteTopContrib} 10

Affiliation breakdown of views, saves, and uploads

If you run TWiki in an orgaization, you may want to see division breakdown of topic views, topic saves, and file uploads - in a month, how many topic views are there from the R&D division, the Sales division, etc.

You can have affiliation breakdown at the Topic views, Topic saves, and File uploads columns of WebStatistics and SiteStatistics as follows.

Month: Topic
Most popular
topic views:
Top viewerss: Top contributors for
topic save and uploads:
<-- -->
Sorted ascending
2013-08 10325
(150 unique users)
6921 R&D
1736 Operation
  927 Sales
  623 Management
    98 Unknown
(3 unique users)
7 R&D
(1 unique users)
3 R&D
6941 WebHome
  872 WebSearch
  848 ToolSiteMap
  376 ToolDashboard
  223 WebSearchAdvanced
  185 ContRequests
  127 WebTopicList
    89 ToolPersonalWebs
    72 ToolMasquerading
    70 TWikiAdminUser
525 PeterThoeny
  49 MahiroAndo
    9 HdeyoImazu
5 HdeyoImazu
1 MahiroAndo
1 PeterThoeny

Affiliation breakdown is turned off by default. To turn it on, you need to do two things.

  1. Provide getAffiliation($cUID) object method in the current user mapping handler. It's supposed return the affiliation (division, department, etc.) of the $cUID. If the affiliation is unknown, it returns undef.
  2. Set {Stats}{Breakdown} configuration papameter true by putting the following line in lib/LocalSite.cfg.
    $TWiki::cfg{Stats}{Breakdown} = 1;

Excluding some webs from WebStatistics update

You can exclude webs from WebStatistics update by specifying {Stats}{ExcludedWebRegex} config parameter as follows.

$TWiki::cfg{Stats}{ExcludedWebRegex} = '^(Trash(x\d+x)?\d*|Sandbox\d*)\b';

You may wonder when this is needed.

There are webs not worth updating WebStatistics such as the Trash web. When a web is deleted, it becomes a subweb of the Trash web. By default, not only the Trash web but also subwebs of the Trash web are subject to WebStatistics update.

On a large TWiki site, you may have dozens of Trash webs - you may rotate Trash webs and you may be UsingMultipleDisks (each disk requires its own Trash - e.g. Trashx1x and Trashx2x). If you have Trash, Trash1, ..., Trash10 for rotation and if you use 3 disks for TWiki, you end up having 33 Trashes.

Preventing WebStatistics and SiteStatistics from growing big

WebStatistics topics grow in size every month. By default you have only 10 lines per month, but you may have a lot more. If so, in 5 years, WebStatistics gets really big. Besides, if you run the statistics script every day, you increase the revision of each WebStatistics by one every day. If a topic has hundreds of revision, some operations such as getting the original creator of the topic takes long.

There is an option to prevent the boundless growth of WebStatistics. If you set $TWiki::cfg{Stats}{TopicPerYear} true, the statistics script writes the result to WebStatisticsYYYY where YYYY is the current year (e.g. WebStatistics2023) instead of WebStatistics. The parameter is false by default.

  • If TWiki:Plugins/RedirectPlugin is installed, viewing WebStatistics causes redirection to the WebStatisticsYYYY of the year. Otherwise, WebStatistics shows links to WebStatisticsYYYY topics.
  • After you change {Stats}{TopicPerYear} to true but before you run the statistics script, you should run twiki/tools/switch2yearlystats to rename WebStatistics of all webs to WebStatisticsYYYY of the year. In case WebStatistics is not in the same format as its current template, it's renamed to WebStatistics0000.

The description above is applied to Main.SiteStatistics as well. If {Stats}{TopicPerYear} is true:

  • The site-wide statistics are written to Main.SiteStatisticsYYYY of the year instead of Main.SiteStatistics
  • Main.SiteStatistics shows the list of Main.SiteStatisticsYYYY topics or redirects to the latest one depending on the availability of RedirectPlugin.
  • twiki/tools/switch2yearlystats renames Main.SiteStatistics to Main.SiteStatisticsYYYY of the year or Main.SiteStatistics0000.

Upgrade from pre 6.0

Statistics topic conversion

There are several changes made to WebStatistics and SiteStatistics. If existing statistics topics are kept as they are, topic update by the statistics script doesn't work well. By running tools/convert_stats_twiki6 after upgrade, all statistics topics are converted for the current version of statistics.

Top Contributors on SiteStatistics

The number of contributors listed on the "Top Contributors" column on SiteStatistics is specified by {Stats}{SiteTopContrib}. Prior to TWiki 6.0, it was specified by {Stats}{TopContrib}. If you have a custom {Stats}{TopContrib} value, you need to set {Stats}{SiteTopContrib} as well. Otherwise, the number of "Top Contributors" on SiteStatistics becomes the default value, which is 10.


Log Files

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edit edit when editing non-existing topic: (not exist)
login, logon,
attach, edit,
register, rest,
view, vewfile
Login name of administrator user who is logging in or out
manage changepasswd Login name of user who's password is changed
mdrepo mdrepo operation and its arguments
rdiff rdiff higher and lower revision numbers: 4 3
register regstart WikiUserName, e-Mail address, LoginName: user attempts to register
register register E-mail address: user successfully registers
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Site Permissions

  • TWikiAccessControl describes how to restrict read and write access to topics and webs, by users and groups
  • SitePermissions lists the permissions settings of the webs on this TWiki site
  • SitePermissions lists the permissions settings of the webs on this TWiki site

Backup and Restore

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