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Setting up X11 and OpenGL on your laptop/desktop

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  You will need both an ssh emulator and an X11 emulator. I suggest mobaXterm, which provides both and is free. Be sure to check out the documentation; I don't know anything about the program except what I read on that page.
If you've installed Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), you'll still need an external X11 server program such as mobaXterm to connect to a remote server and run X11 programs. Since forwarding an X11 connection from a server program through WSL to a remote server requires a bit of setup, I strongly recommend that you simply use mobaXterm (or another X-server program if you prefer) and skip WSL for this purpose.
 After you've downloaded and installed mobaXterm, you will want to turn on X11 forwarding. This post has details about how to do this. Note that "host" refers to the name of a server at Nevis and "username" is your Nevis account name; e.g., a command like
ssh -XY jsmith@olga.nevis.columbia.edu

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