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Videoconferencing tools and tips

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To use the projector:
To use the projector (if it's there; it's often taken to the Hamilton House at Nevis):
  • Slide back the lens cover at the front of the projector.
  • Turn on the projector by pressing the power button, under the red indicator light.
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Note: As of 1-May-2017, the speakerphone is not working.
 This is a large three-panel microphone, with a telephone keyboard on it. This is part of the standard Nevis phone system; the number is 914-591-2875. To use it, dial the number then hit the green button (or hit the green button and dial the number).

If you want to host a phone conference using the speakerphone (or any other phone in our phone system, there are detailed instructions in this PDF file.

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