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Basic diagnostics for the high-availability cluster

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Archived 20-Sep-2013: The high-availability cluster has been set aside in favor of a more traditional single-box admin server. HA is grand in theory, but in the three years we operated the cluster we had no hardware problems which the HA set-up would have prevented, but many hours of downtime due to problems with the HA software. This mailing-list post has some details.
 Here are some basic diagnostic procedures for the hypatia/orestes high-availability (HA) cluster in the Nevis particle-physics Linux cluster.

The whole point of a high-availability cluster is that when things go wrong, resources automatically shuffle between the systems in the cluster so that the users never notice a problem. This means that when things go wrong, they go really wrong, and fixing the problem is usually not as simple as the following procedures suggest.

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