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META TOPICPARENT name="Computing"

Network parameters

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 Time (NTP) server =

Nevis Annex

Address range =
Netmask =
Gateway =
Broadcast =
DNS server 1 =
DNS server 2 =
DNS server 3 =

For the mail server, use the name mail.nevis.columbia.edu; for a time (NTP) server, use time.nevis.columbia.edu. If you have to use IP addresses for that information:

Mail (SMTP) server =
Time (NTP) server =

General tips

Try to refer to a device (printer, computer, etc.) by its IP name, rather than its IP address. If you refer to or, you may experience network problems when moving between private and public networks. If you refer to bw-research.nevis.columbia.edu or mail.nevis.columbia.edu, you won't have those problems; the Nevis DNS servers will take care of it.

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