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Files that affect your mail

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Files on the mail server

The following files are included on this page to be complete. Since they're located on the mail server, and users don't have login access to the mail server, you won't be able to inspect these files unless you're a systems administrator.


This directory contains the configuration files for the sendmail program, which handles the SMTP services on the mail server. The main sendmail configuration file is /etc/mail/sendmail.mc.

The file /etc/mail/mimedefang-filter controls MIMEDefang, which strips suspicious attachments from mail messages.


The configuration file for dovecot, the program that handles IMAP and POP3 services on the mail server.


A milter is a "mail filter." SpamAssassin (and MIMEDefang) are implemented on our mail server as filters, which means they can bounce messages before they have been fully received. (Among other benefits, this means that we're never responsible for sending back spam- or virus-laden messages; it's the mail server that sent the message that has to do it.) The file /etc/sysconfig/spamass-milter controls the operation of spamass-milter, the milter program that calls SpamAssassin for each message as it's received.


IMAP maintains an index of the headers of each message in your mail folders, so it doesn't have to re-read the entire folder every time you click on it in your mail reader. The indexes are kept in /var/indexes/$user/.

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