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Nevis Linux Cluster FAQ

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 need your passphrase every time you use your private ssh key. If you want to create an automated job to transfer files via ssh (with rsync. for example) the use of a passphrase can make things complicated.
To some extent, you can simply the use of passphrases via the program ssh-agent.
To some extent, you can simplify the use of passphrases via the program ssh-agent.
  Another possiblity is to just hit RETURN when ssh-keygen prompts you for a passphrase. This is the most convenient setup, but
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  • Putty, a command-line interface for SSH and SCP.
  • WinSCP, with an Explorer-like interface for transferring files.
There is a Linux SMB server named tango.nevis.columbia.edu that acts a central file server for the Windows systems at Nevis. Contact a systems administrator if you need to have files shared on this server.

Java web-browser plugin

With the recent security problems associated with Java, please consider using some other method to accomplish your task.

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See this page.



To access files via AFS from your system, ask a systems administrator to install the AFS client software on your machine.

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