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LArSoft at Nevis

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 When you set up LArSoft, the Nevis-specific setup command is disabled. The LArSoft software distribution contains its own copies of ROOT and Geant4, so there's no need to set-up the Nevis versions. In fact, to make sure the Nevis versions don't conflict with the LArSoft versions, make sure there are no setup commands in any of your shell initialization files like ~/.myprofile, especially if you're switching to LArSoft from some other project or from working on the ROOT tutorial.

The LArSoft environment also affects some standard Linux features, such as the default rules for make and the yum command. If you are doing any work that does not involve LArSoft directly, you're advised not to set up the LArSoft environment as described above. </verbatim> \ No newline at end of file

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