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LArSoft at Nevis

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The default versions of the program libraries are compiled without the debugger, so the programs will run faster. If you want to debug your code, use the -q debug option; e.g.,
As of Dec-2013, the default is to compile all the programs with the debugger, so you can use tools to debug your code. If you want to set this explicitly (in case the default version changes), use the -q debug option; e.g.,
source /a/share/westside/seligman/microboone/LArSoft/setup/setup_larsoft_nevis.sh -q debug
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 source /a/share/westside/seligman/microboone/LArSoft/setup/setup_larsoft_nevis.sh -q debug -r S2013.10.21

Production runs

If you're confident your code works, you probably want to compile your programs with compiler optimization turned on. To do this, use the prof qualifier; e.g.,

source /a/share/westside/seligman/microboone/LArSoft/setup/setup_larsoft_nevis.sh -q prof

Always do a test run of your program with prof before submitting a large set of batch jobs. Occasionally there are issues that show up under optimization that don't show up in the debug versions.


Make life easier

You may want to put an alias to the appropriate set-up commands in your .myprofile or .mycshrc file; for example, if you look in ~seligman/.myprofile, you'll see the following:

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