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Using Terminal in Jupyter

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  Even if you immediately use ssh to connect to your workgroup server from notebook, X11 will not be available.

notebook runs CentOS 7

If you want to run programs on notebook (not recommended!), note that notebook uses CentOS 7 as an operating system; some of the Nevis particle-physics systems run Scientific Linux 6. While the differences between CentOS and Scientific Linux are minor, the differences between versions 6 and 7 are significant. It's not likely that a program compiled for one version will run on another.


No condor on notebook

The condor batch management system is not available on notebook. The reasons:

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  • None of the resources required for your job would be located on notebook; they would be in your home directory or file server. Submitting a job from notebook would mean all I/O requests would pass through notebook (see condor_shadow) slowing all the machines involved unnecessarily.
  • See the above reason: Even if your job ran on notebook, it probably wouldn't run on any of the Scientific Linux 6 machines on the cluster.

notebook is a shared resource

I know it's tempting to look at the memory and processor queues on notebook and think that they're just sitting there for you to use. But notebook is used by all the particle-physics groups at Nevis, and by all the summer students from June through August. If you clog the system with your jobs, you're slowing down everyone, not just those in your working group.

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